Medicinal experiments with Neem leaf stalks

‘Neem’ is a kalp tree. Every part of it comes into play. Neem leaves, which grow on a thin yellow stalk, also have medicinal properties. This cord is especially useful for worms and coughs, shortness of breath, cholera, leprosy, cholera, vomiting, hiccups, inflammation and jaundice.

Let's take a look at the herbal remedies for Neem.

(1) Neem: Cholera (Visuchika):- Neem stalk 3 nos., Cardamom 1 nos., Cloves 1 nos. And coconut husk ashes are all mixed in a bowl, add 50 gms of water in it, strain it a lot. Heat this water a little and give it to the patient every 2-3 hours. (If urination has stopped, it will be beneficial to tie Neem flower bowl with water on the gums.)

(2) Neem: Hedki:- Grind 3 rows of Neem leaves with 10 gms of water, get 1 rat of peacock ash in it, get honey.

(3) Neem: To prevent vomiting:- Fry a little bit of Neem leaf. Then take a large bowl with large cardamom and black pepper. Add 2 grams of water and knead. So cough or bile vomiting will stop.

(4) Neem: Urinary obstruction and inflammation:- Take out 2 grams juice of Neem stalk and its leaves, add 2 teaspoons of Udumbaravaleh or 2 teaspoons of sandalwood syrup or Gokhru in it and urinate, the inflammation will go away.

(5) Neem: Plague:- Neem stalk 21 nos. And black pepper 2 nos. It is also very beneficial to apply sulfur Navsar (gunpowder) in kerosene on the tumor.

(6) Neem: On bile outbreak:- Take 2-3 grams of Neem stalk, coriander, ginger and sugar, collect it and boil it, drinking it morning and evening gives peace of bile. So inflammation, sour belching, indigestion, excessive thirst, fever, gall bladder etc. are definitely eliminated.

(7) Neem: Kafaj Meh (Ikshumeh, Surameh and Sikta Meh):- Add 1 gram of Trikut powder and turmeric powder in a decoction of Neem stalk and drink it daily in the morning and evening.

(8) Neem: Pandu disease:- Take 2 grams of Neem stalk and 5 grams of satodi root and mix it with water, strain it and drink it daily.

Note: It is better to take a sink with its small twig. The thin twigs of Neem have special properties to destroy cough, shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, pills, stomach worms and gonorrhea.

(9) Neem: Bad taste in the mouth:- Boiling and drinking Neem juice removes bitterness, paleness, stickiness, bad smell etc. in the mouth.

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