Medicinal experiments with lemon oil

(1) Rheumatism:- Massage lemon oil on the swelling daily. Eat 15 to 20 drops of it with Maharasnadi decoction or in a pan. So rheumatism, convulsions and many other ailments disappear. A patient suffering from flatulence should drink lemon oil in winter.

(2) Paralysis and rheumatism:- Experiment as mentioned above.

(3) Vatik swelling:- Massage Neem oil on the swelling of the air by heating it a little and boil the Neem leaves with salt and tie it on the hot swelling to get relief. The air circulating throughout the body is also eliminated by this experiment.

(4) Ulcer-Wound-Wound:- It will be beneficial to use Liboli oil or its ointment on each type of ulcer-wound. Applying it even on a wound caused by friction or a burn, it will calm down and the wound will heal quickly. Applying Neem oil on children with ulcers that are wet on the inside and dry on the outside (as in smallpox scales) is quick to benefit. Wash the wound with a decoction of Neem before applying the oil.

(5) Skin diseases:- Massage of Neem oil cures almost all skin ailments like worms, itching, scabies, eczema etc.

(6) Chronic typhoid fever (old malaria fever):- It is very beneficial to give 8 to 10 drops of lemon oil daily in the morning and evening for this pain.

(7) Hemorrhoids:- Lemongrass oil with 8 to 10 drops of sugar or patasa or taken in capsules will give good results in a few days. So the hemorrhoids are destroyed and the body gets better. The patient should take only sattvic food like milk, rice, sugar, bread, banana along with the medicine in the diet.

(8) Hair loss:- If the hair of the head is falling out due to body heat, get lemon oil in good hair oil and apply it on the scalp to stop hair loss. Then the hair grows much.

(9) Jakhmahar ointment:- Add 10 gms of wax and 20 gms of essential oil in 50 gms of lemon oil, heat it with all three, fill the can of ointment. This ointment will heal all kinds of wounds, scars etc. quickly and will give immediate relief in pain.

(10) Hemoptysis:- 8 to 10 drops of medicine in lemon oil with a little sugar or patasa or taken daily in capsules. Older blood disorders. , Urticaria, physical weakness, gout, leprosy, smallpox and poisoning.

(11) Wounds with poisonous insects:- Get 2 grams of Bhimseni (Baras) camphor in 20 grams of lemon oil. Put the medicine on the wound every day, bandage it. So the poisonous wound will be cleansed, it will heal. Before applying the medicine on such wounds, it is better to wash the wound by dipping it in Neem water.

(12) Vascular ulcer (fistula):- Wait for the medicine according to experiment number 3, by putting it in the hole of the fistula every day, it will heal quickly and heal.

(13) Arunshika (rash on the scalp):- Mix 2 gms of Baras Kapoor in 100 gms of lemon oil. So the oil will become more deodorant and disinfectant. After washing the patient's head daily with a decoction of Neem leaves, aretha, amla, shikakai, alcohol turmeric, apply this oil on the spots in the hair after drying the hair. Also, if possible, take a medicine called 'Punchnimb Churna' with half a teaspoon of water morning and evening.

(14) Hemorrhoids:- (a) Take 20 gms of lemon oil, 20 gms of raw alum and 2-5 gms of inflated boron (boric powder) and fill the bottle. After going to the bush every day, apply this medicine inside the anus with your finger, so the hemorrhoids will disappear in a short time. (B) Drinking 1 to 2 teaspoons of lemon oil immediately after toothpaste in the morning stops bleeding in 2-3 days. Even dry hemorrhoids are eliminated by drinking it. Experiment in winter.

(15) Tuberculosis (TB):- Take 8 to 10 drops in a capsule in the morning and evening. So the distorted cuff will come out. The cough will go away. Along with this, other necessary pain medication should also be taken. The patient also followed a diet.

(16) Palit (Premature graying of hair):- Dip 100 gms of lemon oil in 100 gms of bhangra juice and 100 gms of amla juice, boil it, strain it and fill the bottle. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil in the nose every day. Take satvik food and rub a little bit of lemon oil in Bhrangraj Keshtel on the scalp daily. So white hair will grow black again. Do the experiment for 8 to 12 months

(17) Breathing:- In case of asthma attack, take 50 to 60 drops of lemon oil with pan or citopaladi powder or hot water with sugar will give relief or take Neem oil in capsules. Taking the medicine regularly will relieve the pain.

(18) Shilas:- Mix a little camphor in lemon oil and massage it on Shilas and take 2-3 drops of sugar with it morning and evening. Fill this oil into empty capsules. At the same time, applying this oil in the anus itself will have miraculous benefits.

(19) Earwax:- Add 50 gms of lemon oil and 1 gm of turmeric in 100 gms of purple leaf juice, boil and prepare the oil. Strain and fill it. Clean the ears and apply 3-4 drops of this medicine in the ear vaccine, crop, secretion and then apply daily.

(20) Darkness (not appearing at night):- Apply lemon oil in the eyes every day. Also drink 3 grams of Neem leaf juice in the morning for 3 to 4 days. Eat more vegetables.

(21) Contraception: Family Planning:- This is a very reliable and experienced experiment of Ayurveda. Mix 100 gms of castor oil and 2 gms of Baras Kapoor in 50 gms of lemon oil. Make a net of pure cotton, tie a string as strong as a whip between them, soak it in the aforesaid medicine, put it in the vagina 15 minutes before intercourse. This will kill the sperm in 1 hour. So there will be no fetus and there will be family planning naturally. U.S. This has been confirmed by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.

(22) Lice and lice:- For prevention of head lice, lice and dandruff, apply 20 drops (large) or 1/2 teaspoon of lemon oil with jaggery daily in the morning and evening for 6 days. Pour lemon oil on the scalp at night, tie a cloth and go to bed. Wash hair with soap in the morning .. so all lice will be destroyed and new ones will not be born. Dandruff and scab will also be eliminated

(23) Fever or cholera in cold sores (Anti):- Applying lemon oil on the patient's limb well will reduce the problem of muscle spasm or body cold.

(24) On veterinary disease:- In case of true ripening disease of animals (cow, buffalo, goat, horse, donkey etc.) apply 50 to 100 grams of lemon oil to the animal for a few days. Applying or rotating lemon oil on the wound on his body will benefit him soon. Fresh Neem leaves along with fodder are also good to feed these animals.

(25) As a chemical:- Take honey in lemon oil, take nasal drops (for 1 to 6 months) in the nose and stay on milk-rice-bread only to remove wrinkles (aging skin wrinkles and), hair (white hair). There is youthful vigor in the body. (Shodhal Vaidya)

(26) Goiter:- Neem oil is given to the patient daily to cure it.

(27) Baldness of head and white hair:- Nasal infusion of lemon oil in the nose for 1 month. The patient should stay on milk only and should be sensual (restrained). So the hair on the head grows and the white hair turns black. (Vagbhatt)

(28) Salekham-Shardi:- If the nose is closed due to cold, give lemon juice daily or give sesame oil cooked in Neem leaves.

(29) Convulsions:- Apply lemon oil to the patient with a teaspoonful of warm water and rub the oil on the palms of the head and the soles of the feet. Applying 3-4 drops in the nose will also give relief.

(30) Angus:- (a) Massage lemon oil on any body ache and then shake it. (B) Heat a bowl of lemon and garlic and apply it on the sore.

(31) In case of whitening of hair:- Soak lemon seeds in bhangra leaf juice for 2 days. Then after it dries, remove the oil from the pot. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil in the morning and evening on the nose. Do not take a hot item if it is hot and a cold item if it is cold.

(32) Hair lice:- 1 in 10 grams of lemon oil Mix gram mercury and apply it on the hair at night, tie it on the head and go to bed. Thoroughly clean the hair in the morning. So no longer will lice grow in the hair.

(33) Facial beautifier:- Take a bowl of lemon seeds with vinegar, (to reduce bitterness) add twice a lemon peel and orange peel powder. Then rub it on the face. So the darkening of the face, blackness, wrinkles etc. will be removed and the face will start shining and the beauty will increase.

(34) Mouth sores (lesions):- Frequent rotation of lemon oil on the skin of the mouth removes it.

(35) Sweat of hands and feet (fresh heat):- Take 2-3 drops of Neem (lemon) oil with milk. Massaging this oil on the hands and feet too will remove the fresh heat of the hands and feet.

(36) Chronic Malaria Fever:- Giving 8 to 10 drops of lemon oil twice a day gives good benefits. It is also beneficial in skin diseases.

(37) Secret sexually transmitted diseases:- In sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis (silver), gonorrhea, vaginal ulcer and penis, it is beneficial to fill small capsules with lemon oil and swallow 1-1 in the morning and evening daily.

(38) Injection crop: Vaccine-: Measles, chicken pox, smallpox after vaccination, if there is pus, scales, apply lemon oil 3-4 times a day in that place, it gives quick relief.

(39) Anal: Fistula: Hemorrhoids:- In these ailments, apply drops of lemon oil in the anal canal with a dropper or apply it on the anus.

(40) Sinus:- In this pain, if pus or water is secreted from the nose or from the corner of the nose, it will be beneficial to apply drops of this oil in the nose daily and swallow it in an oil capsule.

(41) Worm headache:- Acute headache is caused by a small worm (mixed in the blood) in the head, in which painkillers are not selected. In this pain, put 2-3 drops of lemon oil in the nose of the patient daily morning and evening and also take 1 capsule of Neem oil with water or 1 ounce of vidangarisht.

(42) Children's worms:- Apply 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil in boiling or vidangarisht of vavding or in sugar or patasa and apply 5 ml of Neem oil in a small syringe. So the worm disease will disappear.

(43) Dental worms and aphids:- If there is rot and fine insects in the molars, make lemon oil and apply it on the rotten molars daily. Or get a little cinnamon oil and camphor in Neem oil, put it on its own. If the swollen paki, semolina has turned red, apply lemon oil on a cotton swab daily and gently rub it on the toothpaste.

(44) Flatulence:- In case of flatulence due to flatulence, heat lemon oil and shake it on the stomach. As well as the Godam injector of that oil (one ounce of oil). Even in case of convulsions, heat the oil and rub it on the body, put 3-4 drops in the nose and inject this oil into the rectum.

Thus lemon oil is a noble medicine in many ailments. Physicians use it very liberally in their practice.

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