Medicinal experiments of thin Neem twigs

The Neem leaf stalks on the thin-long-curly-smooth twigs have been used in our country for thousands of years as an excellent 'toothpaste' for cleaning teeth and protecting health.

Nowadays urban people use tooth-brush, toothpaste and toothpaste instead of using toothpaste. But millions of people in millions of villages and small towns in India still use their nectar, wad, pepper, acacia, jaggery, kanji, zipto to cut their teeth into thin twigs, cut them into two and a half inches (6 to 8 inches), grind them with their teeth and make a toothpick. , With which he cleans the teeth. The vertical incision of the teeth serves as a healing tool for them so that excellent cleaning of the tongue, mouth and teeth can be done for free or at negligible cost.

Properties: The thin, fresh, kunny twig used as a toothpick is medically deodorant, anthelmintic, toothache and tongue-defect remover and the ultimate cleanser of teeth and mouth. It also removes heat from the mouth, tongue and gums.

Medicinal Experiments:

 (1) Neem: For dental ailments:- Daily application of fresh, tender Neem leaves makes the mouth, tongue, teeth and gums very clean, odorless and healthy. All toothache is cured by its use. Daily brushing of Neem does not cause tooth decay and keeps the teeth strong and healthy forever. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after toothpaste.

(2) Neem: Hemorrhoids (blood clots in the abdomen):- Neem twigs should be rubbed in sugar or water and applied 1 inch thick on the tumor daily. Adding a little salt or Navsar in it will dissolve the lump quickly.

(3) Neem: Acne on the face:- Rub a little thick fresh Neem branch or its root without peel like sandalwood with water and apply it on the acne daily, the acne of phlegm or gall bladder is eliminated in a few days.

(4) Neem: For contraception:- After 3 days of menstruation, if a man gives a piece of dry Neem twig to the vagina before intercourse, then the woman does not have a fetus.

(5) Neem: For protection from ghost-obstruction:- Newborn babies are more at risk of planet-demon obstruction. For this reason, the rule of spreading the smoke of dry Neem twigs in the maternity room every day protects the mother or the newborn from those elements.

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