Medicinal experiments of Neem leaves Part-3

(81) Neem: Vaginal diseases:- Vaginal odor, itching and itching: To prevent this problem, wash the vagina 2-3 times a day with cold boil of Neem leaves and bowl the Neem leaves, heat it a little and apply a pleasant paste on the gums. Smoke goddess of Neem bark.

(82) Neem: Breast ulcer:- If the breast is sore, make black ash of Neem leaves, add enough mustard oil in it, apply medicine from the Neem stick, make ointment and apply ointment. So the sore crop will heal soon. Apply ointment daily by cleaning the wound with Neem water.

(83) Neem: Stopping breastfeeding:- If the breast milk ducts are closed due to increase in fat or phlegm defects, if the mother is breastfeeding less, then by applying a bowl of Neem leaves on the breast every day, the milk will start again.

(84) Neem: Difficulty:- In case of menstrual pain, boil Neem leaves in water, take the water vapor on the gums below the navel or add salt in the water, boil the leaves, tie it hot on the gums. Also take a bowl of Neem leaves and a little ginger water daily in the morning. So the pain goes away.

(85) Neem: Bal Rakshak Dhrit:- Dilute 20 grams of Neem leaves with 200 grams of water in a bowl. Then get 200 grams of cow ghee in it and make its ghee on low flame. When only ghee remains, fill the strainer bottle. Get 1 gram of this ‘Nimb Dhrit’ tooth with a little milk and give it daily. So the child's blood disorders like blisters, rashes, rashes, sore throats etc. will disappear. The baby will become healthy. (N. Chi. Vs.)

(86) Neem: Healing powder:- Bring fresh (green) leaves of Neem, dry it in the shade (without string) and make its powder. Or after the pan is dry, fry it in a pan and make its powder. The powder of this leaf keeps a healthy person 'healthy'. Taking it in the amount of 2 grams daily will remove the anorexia. Digestion will improve, heat or cold fever will not come. Skin and hemorrhage will not occur. Bile and phlegm will not hurt. What has happened will be destroyed.

Experiments with the tender tender leaves of Neem:

Earlier we saw the use of large, ripe but green-fresh leaves of Neem. Now we will look at the special properties of Neem leaves or buds and medical experiments.

Properties of Neem leaves: Neem leaves (which are larger and less mature) have astringent, astringent and anorexia, leprosy, conjunctivitis and leprosy. (A. V.) To understand its other qualities like a large fresh leaf of Neem.

Medicinal experiments of Neem buds:

(87) Neem: Malaria:- Take 15 grams of Neem buds, get 1 gram inflated alum in it, mix it and make 3-4 tablets of it. Taking 1 to 2 tablets with sugar syrup is very beneficial in all types of fever, especially malaria fever.

(88) Neem: Inflammation due to fever:- A bowl of Neem leaves, dipped in lemon juice, applied on the body calms the inflammation caused by fever and the fever subsides. Inflammation of the heart, abdomen and calves can be relieved by applying a bowl of cold water to the inflamed leaves.

(89) Neem: Eye Enhancer:- Apply 20 drops of Neem powder, 30 grams of zinc ash, 2 grams of cloves, 2 grams of cardamom and 50 grams of sugar, sugar, very finely dressed, make eye cream. Applying this medicine in the eye with a glass rod in the morning and evening, it increases the pain in the eyes such as blurred vision, itching, eye defects.

(90) Neem: Netra Kajal:- Finely grind 4 grams of red Neem buds in a mortar, add 1/2 gram of opium, 1/2 gram of alum and 1/2 gram of raswanti and take a lot of ankles. Then take the prepared mascara in the prepared medicine, fill the can. This mascara is very beneficial for everyone from small to large.

(91) Neem: Eye pain:- In contrast to the pain in the eye, extract the juice of the bud in the ear, warm it a little, drip it in the ear. If there is pain like redness, itching, acne in both the eyes, then applying drops of juice in both the ears accordingly will be beneficial.

(92) Neem:  abdominal disorders; Urinary Disorders:- Take 2-3 cups of Neem in a bowl with honey daily. Or take 10 grams of Kumpal juice and 10 grams of honey and drink it every 2-3 days, it will improve the above pains.

(93) Neem: Diarrhea:- In diarrhea, take 2-3 grams of Neem buds and acacia leaves, extract its juice in a bowl, add honey to it and drink it morning and evening. (Do not do this experiment if the diarrhea is viscous.

(94) Neem: Protection from skin diseases:- Every year in the month of Chaitra, when the Neem leaves and white flowers appear on the Neem tree, take 2-3 buds and 2-3 flower cat, dissolve a little salt in it and drink it once in the morning for 3 days. To go. This experiment will help to prevent itching, itching, skin diseases, etc. that occur during the summer season. Experimenting with the pain will relieve.

(95) Neem: Dahjwar (fire fever):- To rub the Neem leaves and soak them in water. Getting honey in the foam that comes out of it and giving it to the patient to drink so that vomiting occurs, the inflammation coming out of the bile will calm down.

(96) Neem: Excessive libido:- Those who have excessive sexual arousal should chew 8-10 fresh leaves of Neem or extract 5 to 20 grams of its juice daily, drink it with honey or sugar. Many monks in India consume Neem at regular intervals to control their arousal. But the householder should not consume too much Neem juice. Because when sexual arousal slows down, a new problem arises. [Note: Excessive consumption of Neem can lead to impotence or sexual dysfunction in men. Therefore, it is advisable to take it in any form as per the advice of an experienced doctor.]

(97) Neem: Urustambha (Sathal Jakdai Java):- The patient made Neem leaf vegetable and ate it. So the pillar disappears. (Charak)

(98) Neem: Itching:- Take a bath daily with boiled Neem leaves and extract 2 grams of leaf juice, add 1 gram of pepper and drink it in the morning. Boil fennel oil in Neem juice and massage it with lemon oil.

(99) Neem: Explosive:- Fan the explosive sore with a soft Neem splinter. Take 2 teaspoons of Neem leaf juice, 1 teaspoon of amla powder, 1 teaspoon of throat juice, add 1 gram of care powder in it and drink it every morning and evening to cure 'explosive' skin disease. (Divine medicine)

(100) Neem: Khas:- (a) Mix sarsiyu, karanj oil and Neem oil and apply. (B) Take 10 gms of sulfur, 1 gms of mortuary, 30 gms of Neem leaf ash, 1 gms of white pepper and 10 gms of old (original) kanku, mixed in karanj oil and apply ointment on the scalp daily Also boil Neem leaf juice or peel 3 times.

(101) Neem: Boils:- Get boiled in Neem juice or boiled peel on boils that explode all over the body. Bathe with boiled leaves and apply lemon oil.

(102) Neem: Snake venom remedy:- Drink Chaitra Mass once a day by grinding lentils in equal parts of Neem leaves (8 to 10 grams), so the person does not get snake venom for 1 year.

(103) Neem: Resistance and remedy for ‘loo’:- As a loo remedy for summer heat or to avoid possible attack of this disease, take 5-10 Neem leaves, 5 grams of paki tamarind and a bowl with some salt and eat it every morning.

(104) Neem: Swelling:- Take Neem leaves, satodi leaves and taro leaves in equal proportions, put a little turmeric in the bowl, heat it and apply it on the swelling to get rid of it.

(105) Neem: Breastfeeding spoilage:- If mother's breastfeeding is spoiled due to cough or bile defect, apply a bowl of Neem leaves on the breast daily. Delete it after 1 hour. Quit breastfeeding early before having a baby.

(106) Neem: Extreme breastfeeding:- Apply a bowl of Neem leaves on the breast for a few days as an ointment. Then wash off the breasts and wean off the baby before weaning. So breastfeeding will decrease.

(107) Neem: Unwa:- Take 2 to 3 teaspoons of Neem leaf juice with 2 grains of pepper and 10 grams of sugar or grapes to get rid of urinary tract infections.

(108) Neem: Thirst, Inflammation and Infatuation:- The foam which is formed by soaking the Neem buds in water, by rubbing the foam on the body of the patient frequently, the excessive thirst, inflammation and infatuation (darkness-dizziness) are eliminated.

(109) Neem: For resistance to infectious diseases:- Measles, Chickenpox, Nur BB, German Measles, Flu, TB In case of infectious diseases such as Neem pylons on doors and windows of the house and place Neem leaves near the bed of the sick or weak. Smoke Neem leaves daily at home. So there is a definite protection against infectious diseases.

(110) Neem: Shardi-Salekham, Cholera, Raktavikar-Pratishyahar Guti:- Make 15 grams of Neem leaves and 2 grams of black pepper, grind it and put it in a round mortar. Giving 2-3 tablets daily with warm water in the morning and evening destroys colds, cholera and anemia. (Nanim Marks Statement).

(111) Neem: Head worms:- When worms enter the brain, severe headache occurs, blood falls from the nose and the nose becomes stuffy. In that pain, rub a little ‘Malayam’ (Unani medicine) in the juice of Neem leaves and put its drops in the nose. So that the germs will come out of the pepper. Twice this way. (N. Gu. V.) or drops of oil made by dipping sesame oil in Neem leaf juice daily.

(112) Neem: Hair enhancer paste:- Take 3 parts of boron leaves and one part of Neem leaves, make a fine bowl of pulp on the stone and apply it on the hair. Let this lap stay for at least six hours. Applying 1 month in this way makes the hair grow a lot and also makes the hair soft. (N. Gu. V.) So the hair grows even if it is lost.

(113) Neem: Ratandhata:- A bowl of Neem leaves in Kharal, its juice is extracted, by putting its drops in the eye every morning and evening, the problem of not appearing at night is eliminated. (Also use more vegetables.)


(114) Neem: Earache:- Boil 1 handful of Neem leaves in 200 grams of water. Then cover it with a sieve, open it slightly from one side in such a way that steam escapes from there. Hold the sore ear slightly above the hot steam escaping. So the earache will go away. (A decoction of Neem can be placed in a jug, it can also be placed on the mouth.)

(115) Neem: Ear wound (wound):- Get honey in 2 grams juice of Neem leaves, heat it a little, put drops in the ear. So the wound in the ear will heal.

(116) Neem: Earworm (entry of worms in the ear):- If ants, spiders, mosquitoes, monkeys, flies or other small insects have entered the ear, extract 1 teaspoon of Neem leaf juice, get some salt in it, heat it a little and put it in the ear 2-3 times. , That insect will die. Then retain it and take it out.

(117) Neem: Karnarogahar oil:- 20 gms of green leaves of Neem and 2 gms of inflated mortar are made into small pellets, then take 100 gms of salt oil in a pan and heat it. Then fill the oil bottle. This oil is beneficial in ear pain, ear itching, ear vaccine, decay, wounds etc.

(118) Neem: Vomiting-nausea:- Take 20 grams of Neem leaves in 100 grams of water and rub it on the ankles like cold. So vomiting will stop.

(119) Neem: Pneumonia:- Take a small amount of Neem leaves, boil it a little, steam it, extract its juice, strain it and add some pepper and honey in it morning and evening.

(120) Neem: Pregnancy Experiment:- In auspicious times on a Sunday when there is a constellation of Pushya, Neem, kadu, harde, bala, gangaran (samaravo), ajmo, genda (hazari golgota), white dharo, kali dharo, laxmana, priyangu and asparagus - from all these Store as many herbs as possible. Then squeeze out the juice and put it in a bottle. To infuse 3-4 drops in the right nostril of a menstruating woman. Also put 3-4 drops in the right ear and rub the juice in the right hand. In addition, the woman should consume the milk and ghee obtained from the plant; As well as soaking all the plants in a bucket of water, bathing in the constellation Pushya with that water. This remedy definitely causes a woman to get pregnant.

(121) Neem: Vaginal odor:- If there is an odor coming from a woman's vagina - Neem leaves, ardusi, vaj, bitter coral and priyangu flowers make everything sweet, powdered, put it in the vagina (in a pot or water form). Wash the vagina with a decoction of hot leaves before placing it.

(122) Neem: For Mankad-Mosquito:- Mankad and mosquitoes escape by giving sulfur smoke Mankad with dry leaves of Neem.

(123) Neem: Facial Cosmetic Lap:- Take powder of Neem leaves, pomegranate leaves, herd dal, mango peel or mango peel, Pathani Lodhar and lemon or orange peel in equal weight and make a powder. Applying it on the face with a bowl of water will remove blemishes like acne, blackheads and acne and will enhance the beauty of the face.

(124) Neem: Tariya Tawhar Guti:- Take 10 grams of Neem leaves and 2 grams of inflated alum, take it in a bowl with water with chickpea-like tablets. Then by taking 2-3 tablets with water at the interval of every hour, the fever that comes alternately, thirdly, fourthly or every day is removed. (N. Gu. Vs.)

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