Medicinal-experiments of Neem leaves

Special properties of Neem leaves: True (large green leaves) of Neem leaves are bitter after digestion, beneficial for eyes, soothing inflammation, aerating; Worms, phlegm, bile and detoxifier, healer of ulcers, all kinds of anorexia and leprosy, skin stimulant, dermatitis, ulcer cleanser, wound healer, liver stimulant and vomiting if taken in large quantities. Crops (also green, on trees) have more soothing properties. It has a special effect on the liver.

Medicinal experiments: (Take fresh, green or dried leaves for experiment)

(1)Neem: Measles:- Chickenpox- Smallpox: To build a garland of Neem leaves at the door of the patient's room. To spread fresh Neem leaves in the patient's bed. Give 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Neem leaf juice to the patient daily in the morning and evening. Do not bathe the patient.

Apply Neem oil on chicken or smallpox seeds or make a leaf burn and apply ointment in castor oil.

(2) Neem : Khas (Pama):- Take 1 kg of Neem leaf juice, 200 gms of fern oil, milk of akada, root of red currant, root of Nepalese and 2-5 gms of black pepper, make its sauce, mix everything in oil and boil it to make oil. Take. Applying this oil cures skin diseases like itching. (Bha. Bhai. 6.) Burning the leaves and putting ankles in the oil.

(3) Neem: Leprosy (bleeding):- Neem leaves and amla powder taken with ghee-sugar daily cures leprosy (bleeding pain).

(4) Neem: Arunshika (itchy rash on the scalp):- Get rid of Neem leaf juice, Sindhav and horse juice and apply it on the scalp.

(5) Neem: Padmini thorn:- Boil Neem and make it vomit. Then take honey in boiled siddha ghee and give it to the patient to eat daily. Also, it is better to take a bath with a bowl of Neem leaves and amaltas (warm) and rub it on the body or diseased limbs. (Sushruta).

(6) Neem: Acne:- Neem leaves, pomegranate peel, loghar and herd are taken together and made into powder, get milk in it and make a paste and use it. Or get milk in that powder and make a paste and apply it on the mouth. So that the acne mud face will become beautiful.

(7) Neem: Dadar (Dhadhar):- (a) In the juice of Neem leaves, take katho, sulfur, boron, bile, mothuthu and kalauji cumin in equal parts, grind it, grind it a lot and make its sogti. Rub it with water as needed and apply it on the stairs. (B) In a bowl of Neem leaves, add yoghurt and apply it on the stairs. (C) Bring a bowl of Kuvadia leaves with Neem leaves.

(8) Neem: Eczema (Vuchi, Eczema):- (a) Rub any fine ash of Neem leaves on any green or dry eczema daily. If the eczema is green, apply a bandage on the eczema. Doing this on a daily basis eliminates eczema. (B) Get a little mortar in Neem leaves, apply it in a bowl with cow urine on eczema daily. Drink cow's urine in Neem juice daily.

(9) Neem: Pregnancy:- In many places, a pregnant woman is given a decoction of Neem for 2-3 days after delivery. So the mother and the baby do not have any other disorders.

(10) Neem: Badganth:- ulcer - head boil: Take a pinch of turmeric, a little honey, ghee, sesame and barley flour with Neem leaves, bowl with water and make a poultice on its slow flame. By tying it on a lump or a lump or changing it every 2-3 hours, the ulcer does not heal and the swelling settles or the lump ruptures and ruptures.

(11) Neem: Walo (Naru):- By placing a bowl of Neem leaves on the hole of its poultice daily, the swelling will erupt in a few days and the hair will come out.

(12) Neem: Sprain from injury and vine knot (olimbho):- Boil Neem leaves in water and give it hot steam sprain. Apply a bowl of pulp on the kernel of the vine, apply it on the hot curry daily, it will disperse and the pain will go away.

(13) Neem: Snake venom:- The test of whether a snake is poisoned or not is done by chewing Neem leaves. If the taste of the leaf does not feel bitter, salty, or pungent when it is chewed and it feels dull, then the person should be considered poisoned. Give this patient a large amount of Neem leaf juice (or bark juice) frequently to detoxify the snake. So the poison will come out after vomiting and the poison will come down. (Reference: Aryabhishak). Give this patient too much ghee too often.

(14) Neem : To expel bile:- Add water to Neem leaf juice. So vomiting will be sour-bitter or distorted bile (in vidgadhajirna or amlapitta, it will be peace) coming out through vomiting.

(15) Neem : Hemoptysis and leprosy:- The patient should take regular bath with Neem leaf water. Drink milk over leaf juice. That is why this disease is destroyed in 2-3 months. The patient slept daily in the shade of Neem and followed a pain diet. (Aryabhishek).

(16) Neem : Inflammation:- Pour water in Neem juice on the limb inflammation in bile fever, make it poisonous and foam it, rubbing that foam on the body calms the inflammation. Chop Neem leaves with water on inflamed swelling. (Aryabhishek).

(17) Neem : Snake venom never bites:- Those who have to live in forest-farms or where snakes are more frequent, if they make a rule to eat a few Neem leaves every morning, it may be bitten by a snake, but its venom does not rise. (Aryabhishek)

(18) Neem : Hemorrhoids:- Soak 200 gms of Neem leaves (cleaned) in 50 gms of water overnight. In the morning, strain it with a cloth. Then boil it and make the crop solid. Take 1 gram of this medicine with cow butter in the morning. After one hour, add cow ghee in Neem leaf juice, give 20 to 30 grams of ghee to the patient. This experiment eliminates all types of hemorrhoids.

(19) Neem : Somal poison and worms:- Drink Neem leaf juice daily till the patient is rested. (Aryabhishek)

(20) Neem : Worms:- In a bowl of Neem leaves, add a pinch of asafoetida and eat it daily, the worms are destroyed and do not become new. (Aryabhishek)

(21) Neem : Jaundice:- (a) Jaundice is caused by obstruction of the bile duct leading from the gallbladder to the intestines. For this, it is beneficial to take 2 grams ginger powder and 5 grams honey in 100 grams of Neem leaf juice and drink it in the morning for 3 days. With this the patient should not eat ghee, oil, sugar and jaggery. If he only eats yogurt and rice, he will get more benefits. (B) Take 10 to 20 grams of Neem leaf juice in a bowl, add honey in it and drink it daily for 7 to 8 days in the morning, it will benefit jaundice.

(22) Neem : On the poison of opium:- Neem leaf extract is extracted by machine and given to the patient to get rid of this poison.

(23) Neem : Shilas:- Eat Neem leaves with a bowl of ghee or amla and rub pepper powder in ghee and apply it on shilas. Or Neem extract can cure hives, sores, itching, edema and leprosy. Bathe daily with warm Neem water.

(24) Neem : For each type of wound (ulcer):- Neem leaves, turmeric and jethi honey powder are mixed in ghee and honey, anointed in a mortar, made ointment and applied daily on the ulcer, it will heal quickly.

(25) Neem : To cool down in summer and to calm down the inflammation:- In a bowl of Neem leaves, add Khadisakar and make a syrup.

(26) Neem : Crop of fingernails:- Get some salt in Neem leaves, bowl, fry it in a little ghee and put it on the ripe or sore finger to make a bandage.

(27) Neem : Typhoid fever (Malaria, Tariya fever):- Neem leaves 20 gms, Ginger, Pepper and Lindy pepper (Trikatu) powder 15 gms, Triphala 15 gms, Lavantraya (Sindhav, Beedlun and Bangadikhar) 12 gms; Take 2 gms of Jawkhar and Sajikhar and 20 gms of Ajmo and make a powder of it. Give 6 to 7 grams of medicine to the patient every morning and evening with boiled water. Neem leaves, ghodavaj, kosh (uplet), herde, saresh, ghee and google incense are heterogeneous antidotes.

(28) Neem : On scorpion bites:- Sniff the patient frequently with a bowl of Neem leaves or flowers. Or the bite in the part where the bite is caused by not letting the steam out of the wax with the leaf key, so blowing in the ear of the opposite part releases the poison.

(29) Neem : To cure burns and ulcers:- (a) 100 gms of Neem leaf pulp, dipped in 100 gms of cow ghee, 200 gms of leaf juice in it, ghee is made slowly, strained when it is hot, add 10 gms of wax and 5 Rati Rasakpur Get the (toxic) medicine and make an ointment. The ointment heals blisters and sores quickly. (B) Extract 2 kg of Neem juice, mix 100 gms ghee and 10 gms resin in it. Applying this ointment on Dazya's wound heals the wound quickly. (D.O.) (c) Dry Neem leaf ash obtained in 100 times washed ghee, add camphor in it and apply it on the scalp wound daily to get relief and heal. (Day 4)

(30) In gonorrhea, when the urinary tract stops urinating, the patient is placed on the waist in the decoction of the leaf, the urine is released and relaxed. (Experiment No. 1 to 20: Aryabhishak).

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