Medicinal experiments of Neem bark

The outer bark of the Neem trunk and the inner bark below or above the roots are also used medicinally.

Properties: Neem bark is special cooling, anti-fever, astringent, nutritious, gastric laxative, dermatological, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic chemical. It has anti-fever properties similar to the bark of a sink tree. The bitter granular alkaline substance ‘margosin’ in the bark is excreted through the skin. It is stimulating and irritating to the skin. Receptive marks are special in bark. Hence its receptive-nourishing action is more. The outer bark of the tree is more resistant to fever and has less antipyretic properties (than the inner bark). (Dr. Desai)

It is more beneficial to use Neem bark as a powder than to make an extract or decoction. However, its crack or its tincture or decoction is also beneficial. It is given by getting bitter, trikatu etc. along with it to prevent the receptive (compressible) property of the trick. It is more useful in biliary fever or inflammatory fever. (Neem oil is more effective than peel in chronic typhoid fever.)

Dr. According to Koman, tincture of Neem bark has been found to be more useful in malaria patients. The results of his experiments on the ‘peeling’ of the outer bark (soaking it in powdered hot water for five minutes, straining it) have also been satisfactory to the malaria patient.

Medicinal experiments:

(1) Neem: Stomach ache:- Neem bark juice with honey is especially beneficial in anorexia, vomiting, duodenum, worms and liver disorders.

(2) Neem: Fever:- Collect 5 grams of Neem bark, cloves or cinnamon, grind it finely and take it in the amount of 5 grams in the morning and evening, simple fever, fever and anemia are removed, strength is increased.

(3) Neem: Fever- Constipation:- Collect Neem bark, triphala, garmala jaggery, patol leaves, 10-10 grams of black grapes and fragrant and 5 grams of sugar, make the whole side sugar, boil it, make 2 parts of it and drink it. Fever like high fever goes away and constipation goes away and appetite increases.

(4) Neem: Sarvatavahar decoction:- Drinking decoction of Neem bark, coriander, red sandalwood, padmakastha, throat and ginger cures all kinds of fevers.

(5) Neem: Cold Fever (Cough Fever):- Boiling Neem bark, ginger, paprika root, herd, bitter and garmala is beneficial. (Restraint)

(6) Neem: Typhoid fever:- Decoction of Neem bark, moth, cedar, bracelet, triphala, turmeric, bhoringani root and patolpatra is beneficial. (Restraint)

(7) Neem: Malaria- Heterogeneous fever:- (a) Half a gram of Neem root is soaked, soak it in 150 grams of water at night, boil it in the morning, strain the remaining 20 grams and apply it when it is dry. (B) Boil 50 gms of Neem bark in 200 gms of water and strain it. Those who do not get quinine medicine for malaria fever do not get fever by taking this decoction 3-4 times before the fever starts. (C) Boiling or cracking of Neem bark, bitter, curry and black pepper will be beneficial in all types of fever. The fever does not get worse by taking it 3 times in 2-3 hours before the fever subsides.

(8) Neem: Fever, Cough, Diarrhea:- 25 gm powder of Neem peel in 1 pound of rectified spirit, butch, closed and kept in the sun for 3 days, strain it with blotting paper or flannel cloth, immediately fill in another clean bottle, strong butch My debt. Giving 1/2 gram to 3 gram medicine instead of quinine tab cures weakness, thirst, cough and diarrhea. It can be given up to 5 grams day and night.

(9) Neem: Flu (talk-cough fever):- Neem bark, kariyatu, kadu, ardusi leaf, triphala, moth, jethi honey and ginger are crushed whole 2-3 grams, boiled and taken with it, take 1-2 tablets of medicine called Tribhuvankirtiras. Flu fever with limbs, headaches, colds is cured.

(10) Neem: Chronic fever:- (a) Take Neem bark, black grape and Neem throat together, make a decoction and consume it for a few days, it cures chronic fever. (B) Boil 10 grams of Neem peel in 200 grams of water, when 30 grams of water is left, strain it and drink it for a few days to get rid of chronic fever. (C) Neem bark, throat, bitter gourd leaves, small bhoringani and indrajav are taken in half, cut into half pieces, one-eighth decoction of 30 g powder is made, honey is taken 6 times in the morning and evening and even the old (chronic) fever disappears in a few days. . Take a little ghee in the meal. But don't take jaggery at all.

(11) Neem: Infectious fever like smallpox:- (a) There is benefit in smallpox and other infectious fevers by taking honey in Neem bark, kherasar, throat and boiling of indrajav. (Yogaratnakar) (b) Neem bark, gall bladder, patol leaf, kalipath, ardusani bark, javaso, amla, khas and white and red sandalwood are boiled, sugar is added to it and by consuming it daily, tridoshaj smallpox is destroyed. The smallpox, which is absorbed into the patient's body without spreading, is also calmed by the drug. (Bhai. R.) (If black leaf is not available, black grapes can also be taken. 4 grams of sugar can be added in 20 grams of boiled water. This medicine also eliminates discharge.)

(12) Neem: Diarrhea:- Dip 20 gms of Neem bark in 300 gms of water and boil it. Dip one end into another 300 grams of water, burn 100 grams of water, remove and strain. Fill the previous and subsequent decoctions in a bottle. Giving 50-50 grams of medicine to the patient twice a day will cure his diarrhea.

(13) Neem: Amatisar (water: diarrhea with phlegm):- Cut the inner bark of Neem into small pieces, dry it, burn it, burn it, cover it with a cloth and fill the bottle. This ash is consumed 3 times a day with 8 to 10 grams of yoghurt.

(14) Neem: Syphilis:- Cut 500 g of Neem bark into small pieces, put it in 200 g of boiling water in the evening and leave it overnight. In the morning take the same medicine corset, strain bottle. The patient was given 50 grams of medicine daily morning and evening. Wash the patient's wound with the same medicine. Doing the right thing with the right diet helps with the pain. (Neem or use.)

(15) Neem: Parmio (Puymeh: Ikshumeh and Miktameh):- Dip Neem bark in boiling water, then keep it in a pot, keep it overnight and strain it in the morning. Give 50 to 60 grams to the patient 2-3 times a day according to that strength. In diet, the patient should take only wheat, ghee and sugar. There will be a lot of rest in a month. This medicine also cures other gonorrhea, gout and sores.

(16) Neem: Ixumeh-Siktameh:- Boil Neem bark and drink it every morning and evening to get rid of this pain.

(17) Neem: puymeh (parameyo: gonorrhea):- (a) thick crush of Neem bark or its pieces in a pot 1 | Boil in a liter of water. When 500 gm is left, strain it and boil it again and slowly add 50 to 6 gms of surokhar powder in it and keep stirring it with Neem sticks. When all the water is burnt, take it down, dry the medicine, mix it, fill the bottle. Of these, 5th medicine is taken daily with cow's milk lassi which gives quick benefits. (B) Take 100 grams of Neem bark powder, 20 grams of acacia glue and makhana (spread lotus cucumber). Ghee lassi (obtained in milk, half-burnt milk) is obtained by mixing 2-3 grams of both in the morning and drinking it every morning is beneficial.

(18) Neem: Pandu disease:- Neem bark, Satodi root, alcohol, turmeric, ginger, gala, kadu, herde and kadva parval patra made by taking 20 grams of cow urine in the octave decoction will be of special benefit. So disorders like cough, shortness of breath, swelling are also destroyed.

(19) Neem: Intestinal worms:- Powder made by taking Neem bark, indrajav and wavding sabhage 1 || In village medicine, by getting roasted asafoetida in 5th ghee, taking it in the morning and evening, intestinal microorganisms are destroyed. (Village 4. R.)

(20) Neem: Plague:- 20 grams of water with 20 grams of water in it, strain the water and drink it every morning and evening. Drink only milk in the diet with it. Apply Neem bark or leaf pulp daily on the nodule of plague. So the tumor will dissolve, the fever will subside, and there will be peace.

(21) Neem: Hathipagun (Schlipad-Filaria):- Take 10-10 grams powder of both Neem bark and kher bark, take it in 30 grams bowl of cow urine, strain it and get 1 teaspoon of honey in it and drink it daily.

(22) Neem: Persistent sores:- Make a burn on the outer bark of Neem, rub it with a cloth, apply it daily on the sores like powder. Wash the wound first with a decoction of Neem leaves. So there will be benefits soon.

(23) Neem: Snoring:- Applying Neem bark sauce (kalk) on the palate between the patient's head and applying it on the palate to stop the bleeding of snoring

(24) Neem: Rheumatism:- Grind the epidermis very finely with water and apply a thick paste on the place of joint pain (by heating the medicine). (While heating the medicine, add a little salt and a teaspoon of castor oil in it. -Author) Remove when the paste is dry, apply a new paste. So in a few days the rheumatic pain will go away.

(25) Neem: Gonorrhea:- Bring 50 to 60 grams of Neem bark, cut it into pieces, boil it in 500 grams of waste water. Add 10 grams of salt. When 500 grams of water is left, filtering it and giving it to the patient will be of immediate benefit.

(26) Neem: Hemoptysis (eczema-eczema):- Bring dry peel of hundred year old Neem, dry it and grind it. Soak 2 grams of this medicine in 200 grams of water at night, strain it in the morning, add honey in it and drink it daily. Therefore, scabies, itching, itching, blisters, silver, eczema, etc. will disappear.

(27) Neem: Incurable Eczema:- Make a decoction of 10 grams of bark powder, 10 grams of powdered manjisthadi decoction and 10 grams of pipla and Neem throat and drink it daily for 1 month to get complete relief in the disease.

(28) Neem: Shilas urticaria:- Make a slit of Neem bark, put 5 grams of amla powder in it and drink it every morning and evening. Massage black pepper powder in ghee on the skin of the body. (Village 4. R.)

(29) Neem: Purple fever:- (a) Cut the Neem bark into small pieces, waste it and boil it in water. Sweat the patient's whole body as the steam escapes. Before sweating, the patient should be massaged with Mahanarayana oil all over the body. After sweating, take a bath in a vacuum (bathroom) with the remaining water of Neem. Doing this for 5 to 6 days will benefit the patient. Boil the patient in milk, old rice, ghee, sugar and skim milk. Pav boiled (cooked) water daily. (B) Dip 2 grams of bark powder in kanji (or buttermilk), add 2 teaspoons of ghee in it and apply it daily, the pain disappears quickly.

(30) Neem: Removal of waste after delivery:- Boil Neem bark, add 10 grams of 1 year old jaggery in it and give it to the pregnant woman for 2-3 days, after the stop loss (bleeding) comes out, she will be healthy.

(31) Neem: Obstructed arteriosclerosis (menstrual detention):- (a) Take Neem javkut (half-baked) peel, carrot seeds, 2-5 grams of gall bladder, black sesame seeds and 30-40 grams of year old jaggery and collect everything in a pot and boil it. When 100 grams is left, strain it and drink it. By doing this for 5 days, the stopped menstruation comes back open. (Note: Do not give this medicine to pregnant women, otherwise miscarriage will occur.) Menstruation will come easily.

(32) Neem: Vaginal relaxation (Sodhal Samhita):- Soak Neem bark in a little water, soak a net in it, tie it with a rope and place it deep in the vagina daily. Wash the vagina frequently with Neem water every day. Smoke Neem bark daily on the vagina. So the vagina will be very tight.

(33) Neem: Leucorrhoea:- Take Neem bark and acacia bark in equal portions, boil it, boil it, keep the rest in the fourth part, add sugar in it and drink it, it cures leucorrhoea.

(34) Neem: Coughing hemorrhage (blood):- Squeeze the juice with Neem bark, add honey and drink it to get rid of sputum hemorrhage.

(35) Neem: Vomiting:- Take 2 grams powder of Neem bark and mix 1/2 gram pepper powder in it, grind it in water, strain it and vomit.

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