Medicinal experiments of Neem almanac

In Ayurvedic medicine, almanac of many plants is used in medicine. This almanac is the five limbs of a plant. The five nuggets are as follows: Leaf, Flower, Fruit, Bark and Root - Leaf, Flower, Fruit, Bark and Root.

Properties: Neem Panchang is especially antidote for anemia, biliary disorders, itching, ulcers, inflammation, leprosy etc.

Medicinal experiments:

(1) Hemoptysis: (a) Take five parts of Neem in equal parts and make its powder. In case of skin or blood disorders like lumps, blisters, rashes, itching, inflammation on the body, this medicine should be taken with 1 to 5 grams of ghee in the morning and evening according to the age. Bathing with Neem leaves boiled water. Initially, the patient should take castor oil and cleanse the stool. (B) Crush the Neem almanac completely, soak it in water at night, boil it in the morning, extract its steam and fill the bottle. Take 20 grams of this extract, get honey in it and consume it, it cures all kinds of blood disorders. Eat milk, chickpea bread and ghee in the diet.

(2) Pandu and Jaundice: Grind Nimb Panchang. Take 1 to 2 grams of this medicine twice a day with tea and honey daily. Water, cow urine or milk can also be taken if the honey does not come. In the diet, the patient should eat milk and rice.

(3) Heatstroke: Take the powder and sugar of Panchang and take 10-10 grams of medicine in a bowl with water, strain it and give it to the patient.

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