Medicinal experiments of lemongrass and its seeds

On the Neem tree, when green-yellow lemons are swaying in clusters in the month of Vaishakh, its beauty is aneri. Raw and ripe Neem leaves are used medicinally.

Properties of lemon:

Raw lemons: Raw lemons are green or parrot in color, bitter in taste, turi and when they are broken, milky essence comes out from inside. It is heavy in digestion (in quality), sticky, bitter, astringent, astringent, astringent, astringent and hemorrhoids, leprosy, gum, worms and gonorrhea.

Paki Lemongrass: Paki Lemongrass (D) is sweet in taste, bitter, astringent, bitter, astringent, expectorant, conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis and cures leprosy, hemorrhoids, urticaria, tuberculosis etc.

Seed seeds: Lemon seeds (embryo) are bitter in taste and anti-hemorrhoids, worms and leprosy.

How to store lemons: Collect lemons for medical purposes when they have reached half their full size (small), cut them and cut them and dry them in the sun. Then keep it in a closed container in a dry place.

When to take lemon to extract oil? : For the purpose of extracting lemon oil, if it is to be collected, the lemons should be ripe and collected from the tree. Then oil it.

Too many dried lemons lying on the ground are not suitable for oil extraction.

Lemongrass Herbal Experiments:

(1) Neem: Difficult childbirth:- Maternity disease: Lemongrass powder taken at the rate of 1 gram daily cures gynecological disease. Debt of lemon peel powder with 3 to 3 grams hot water in difficult delivery.

(2) Neem: Hemorrhoids (bloody diarrhea):- Eating 2-3 lemon cooked daily cures bloody diarrhea. So there are also benefits in anorexia.

(3) Neem: Ratandhata:- Night blindness is definitely eliminated by applying raw lemon milk in the eyes daily. (N.G.V.)

(4) Neem: Eye cataracts:- Take 1 gram Navsar in 2 grams powder of lemon seed and fill the bottle with a lot of ankles. The drug will be applied to the eye daily with a glass rod to prevent cataracts.

(5) Neem: Head lice:- Make a powder of lemon juice, bowl it with water, fill the head with a paste, go to bed at night. Washing the head in the morning will kill the lice.

(6) Neem: Hemorrhoids:- (a) Neem Lemongrass and Bacan Neem seeds (dried), Himej, Shuddha Raswanti are 50-50 grams each, Ginger roasted in ghee is 50 grams, all of them are finely ground, black grapes are extracted Gaining grams, mixing everything in a mortar and making tablets like peas. Taking 1 to 2 tablets daily with water or goat's milk in the morning and evening is beneficial in all types of hemorrhoids. Bleeding stops if there is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can cause pain. (B) To make finely chopped dried lemons. Taking 2 grams of medicine daily with water in the morning is beneficial in hemorrhoids. The patient should eat more ghee while taking this medicine. (C) Get 2 gms of ripe lemon and 3 gms of jaggery and make a pill of it and take it once in the morning once a day for 3 days to get rid of bad hemorrhoids.

(7) Neem: Hemorrhoids:- (a) Take lemon peel, elio and raswanti sabhag, mix it and make tablets like its chanibor. Take 1 to 2 tablets daily in the morning and evening with water or buttermilk. (B) Take khunkharaba (diamond), black grape, sonageru and carabao paste in the mixture of lemon seeds and make tablets like chickpeas by mixing it with water. Hemorrhoids can be cured by drinking 2-3 tablets with water or Dharo juice in the morning and evening. (C) Dry 1 part of Neem lemon, dry 2 parts of root peel, make sugar powder, add water and eat 2-3 tablets with 2-3 ratini (like chickpea) tablets 3 times a day with water. Along with that, wash the hemorrhoids daily with a decoction of Neem and apply Neem leaf pulp on the hemorrhoids daily.

(8) Neem: Badi Hemorrhoids (Arshankur):- (a) Lemongrass, Raswanti, Mayufal and Cannabis Gum 10-10 gm; Opium; Take 2-3 grams of Murdarsang, Salekhdi (Unani substance) and camphor, grind sugar, mix them all in 100 grams of Vaseline and make ointment. Applying this ointment on hemorrhoids 2-3 times a day after defecation, itching, bleeding, pain and swelling etc. disappear quickly. (B) Fry 100 gms of dried lemon in sesame oil and take a bowl. Get 2 grams of wax in the increased oil, heat it, get crushed lemon powder and 1 gram of Morthunthu (inflated) in it, make an ointment of it, apply it on the hemorrhoids 2-3 times a day and the hemorrhoids will disappear. (C) Get 20 gms of lemon kernel, 3 gms of inflated alum and 2 gms of gold nuggets, knead a lot and if necessary, get ghee or butter or lemon oil and make ointment. Applying it on the hemorrhoids immediately relieves the pain, stops the bleeding and the hemorrhoids wither. (D) Lemon seeds, camphor and sonageru are mixed in a mortar, a little water is added to the bowl, add castor oil and make an ointment for the ankles. Applying this ointment daily on hemorrhoids will shrink it.

(9) Neem: Smallpox:- Take 10-10 grams of lemon and bean seeds and 20 grams of turmeric in a mortar, mix it with mixed fennel, Nagarjuni (small milk) and 1-1 bhavna (put) of Brahmi juice, 2-3 tablets of it. Make it. Giving 1-2 tablets 3 times a day for 6 hours cures smallpox with infestation. In winter, if this medicine is made into a pill by getting 3 grams of rasasindur weighing 50 grams, it is more beneficial. (R.T.S.)

(10) Neem: For smallpox resistance (prevention):- Lemongrass, bean sprouts, and turmeric are often mixed in a bowl of water and there is no danger of smallpox. Disease is prevented.

(11) Neem: Smallpox scar:- To remove this scar, mix lemon juice with water and apply it on the scar daily.

(12) Neem: Loss of hair due to smallpox:- Apply a bowl of lemon peel water on the scalp daily or apply its oil, then the hair will grow quickly.

(13) Neem: Spleen (Sli Tan) Growth:- Lemongrass, Ajmo and Navsar Sambhag crush the ankles in Kharal, taking 2 grams of medicine daily with water in the morning will be beneficial. (Neem Medical Science).

(14) Neem: Vaginal colic:- (a) Make a long pill (varti) by soaking lemon in Neem leaf juice for 12 hours. Put one tablet in a small muslin bag, tie it with a rope, and put it deep into the vagina every day. Delete it in the morning. (B) Take the juice of lemon and nutmeg and the juice of Neem leaves in equal proportions and make a long tablet like ankle, wick, apply it in the vagina with oil and it cures vaginal pain. (Secret experiment.)

(15) Neem: Antimony in fever:- In the lemon peel, collect white cumin and lindy pepper, grind it finely, add karela juice in it, mix it for 24 hours and let it dry. Then let it dry again in the spirit of karela juice, fill a bottle with a cloth. When there is a fever, the medicine is applied to the eye with a glass rod to reduce the fever. (N.G.V.)

(16) Neem: Leprosy:- Give 1 lemon (paki) to the patient on the first day, 1-1 lemon on the second day and stir up to 100 lemons. Then reduce 1-1 lemonade daily. Stop taking the medicine after one lemon. During this experiment the patient should not eat anything other than chickpea bread and ghee. This yoga is extremely beneficial on leprosy.

(17) Neem: Vascular ulcer (canker):- Take 20-50 grams of lemongrass and lentils and 50 grams of camphor in a very fine bowl and extract the oil from its abyss. Get 2 grams of carbolic acid per 10 grams. Then apply a gauze cloth or muslin bandage dipped in this oil on the sore or wound so that the wound will heal. If there is a deep pit in the fistula, make a wick and put it inside every day so that the fistula will heal. The drug also cures severe canker sores. (N.C.V.)

(18) Neem: On immovable and movable poisons:- (a) Get 2 parts of lemon and 1-1 parts of Sindhav and black pepper powder, along with ghee and honey in the ankles, daily (10 gm medicine) shake and immovable and movable (poisonous insect) poison. Perish. (B) Mixing raw or ripe lemon in a bowl with warm water and giving it to the patient will cause vomiting. So even a person suffering from immovable poisons like opium, somal, vachnag will recover soon. (H.S.). (If necessary, vomit 2-3 times and then apply ghee.)

(19) Neem: Indigestion:- To cure indigestion caused by overeating things like Mahudo, Bili, Rayan, Falsa, Khajur, Kothu, Ghee and Buttermilk, it is extremely beneficial to drink 3-4 cups of water with ghee or buttermilk. (Bhavprakash)

(20) Neem: Nasya to blacken hair:- Collect ripe lemons, give it the feeling of bhangra juice (or boiled), dry it and then grind it and extract its oil. By taking nasal drops in the nose daily, the whitened hair becomes black again. During the experiment, the patient should take satvik food like milk, rice, sugar, ghee.

(21) Neem: Excessive arousal:- A man and a woman who are very bothered by libido, to reduce false arousal, they should swallow 1 ripe lemon or its kernel with water once a day for 2-3 days. Then reuse it when needed, but don't consume it forever. Otherwise the natural stimulus will also decrease completely.

(22) Neem: Snake venom Vati:- Take equal weight of lemon, Morthunthu and black pepper, grind it, make a bowl with Neem juice, make a pill like its chickpeas. If this pill is bitten by a snake, rub it in the urine of the child and rub it on the eyes and take 1 to 2 pills with it.

(23) Neem: Flatulence (flatulence):- For this type of fever, the patient should take 2-3 cups of lemon water daily and drink it 2-3 times a day. (D.d.)

(24) Neem: Worms:- Large patients should eat 3 to 4 lemons daily. Sprinkle 2-3 bowls with 1 to 2 lemons on children's karmiya. Or feed the goat with Neem leaf fodder daily, skim the milk and give it to the baby with worms. (Divine medicine)

(25) Neem: Brain worms:- Every morning and evening, take a bowl with 6 lemon water, put drops of its juice in the nose and put 1 gram pepper powder in 20-2 grams juice of Neem leaves and drink it at night. (D.d.)

(26) Neem: Worm ball:- When stomach worm (colic) gets in the stomach due to wormwood, shake the patient 2-3 ripe lemons or put one teaspoon of castor oil cooked in lemon sauce (kalk). Such oils can also be injected into a patient.

(27) Neem: Worm-borne fever:- When small children have karmiya in the stomach, they can get relief by taking 1 cup of lemon juice with water daily for 2-3 days.

(28) Neem: Urakshat:- (a) If there is bleeding from the mouth due to ulcer in the chest (lung), 2 to 3 ripe lemongrass should be fed 3 times a day. (B) Put 100 gms of cow's ghee in 100 gms of ripe lemons, make ghee by cooking it, strain it. Stir this ghee with 1 teaspoon 2 grams sugar.

(29) Neem: Hemorrhoids:- Drink 2-3 cups of ripe lemon with radish buttermilk daily. So bleeding hemorrhoids disappear.

(30) Neem: Colic:- Apply lemon (paki) and garlic bud on the pain of flatulence in the body.

(31) Neem: Nirala Manjan:- Take 10 grams of lemon zest, 10 grams of salt and 10 grams of inflated alum, all three in a finely chopped can. This toothpaste eliminates the problem of toothache, tooth worm, tooth decay, tooth odor and tooth decay.

(33) Neem: Jwarhar Anjan:- Take lemon peel, cumin and linden pepper powder together, take a lot of water in a mortar and dry it. Add karela juice a second time, knead again. Then dry and fill the bottle. When there is a fever, one of the wrinkles in the eye of this Anjan. So hot water comes out of the eyes and the fever goes down.

(34) Neem: Erectile Dysfunction Experiment- Oil:- Here is an innocent-excellent erectile medicine oil made without drugs, so that the ejaculation power of a man can be increased. Separate the oil from both the Neem leaves and the datura seeds. Then mix both the oils in equal weight, take as much (equivalent) mercury in it, mix it very loudly continuously for 2 hours. Then take it in a bottle, put a strong butch, and bury it in the noisy ground for 3 weeks. Then remove the oil and the 'column oil' is ready. When a woman wants to have sex, the man should massage this oil on the soles of both feet until there is a bitter taste in the mouth. Coincidence after that will lead to excellent ejaculation of male semen.

Note: Semen will ejaculate after adding a little salt to the lemon peel and sucking it. Or wash your feet with cold water.

Patalayantra (ritual): Take a pot and fill it with sugar or soaking oil or extract. Tie a strong new cloth over the mouth of the pot and apply flour or clay on the outside of the cloth. Then take an enamelled pot right over the mouth of the pot, place the pot upside down on it, and close the joints with a cloth. Also tie with iron wire if needed. Then dig a hole in the ground and put this pot in it. Place the pan down and the floor up. Make a big hole so that only half of the pot remains in the pit. Fill the pit by pressing the soil well around the machine. This way the bottom tap will not feel hot. Give fire to the top of the pot. Give it for 8 to 12 hours according to the size of the medicine. Do not light a fire in an open area that is very windy. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The lower bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.             

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