Kokum also makes cooking as delicious as tamarind. It is not as harmful as tamarind. There are two varieties of kokum. Black and white. Black coke is less harmful but not as much as tamarind. The white kokum is known as the kokum flower. It is more harmful than black cockam.

Kokam is sweet, delicious, consumer, spicy, short, hot, sour, tura, ruksh, agnideepak, pittakar, guru, kafkarak. It is beneficial in heart disease, hemorrhoids, flatulence, worms, colic etc.

(1) For cold sores: Add cumin and sugar in kokum water and drink it.
(2) Acidity: Kokum, cardamom and sugar are the three things made into a bowl sauce and eaten one teaspoon twice a day
(3) Apply kokum oil on the cracked lips in cold season. It is white and frozen. Even if there is inflammation in the hands and feet, rubbing kokum oil is beneficial.
(4) On indigestion: Slightly increase the amount of kokum in the diet.
(5) Increased use of kokum is also beneficial in intestinal decay, diarrhea and storage. Slightly increase the amount of kokum in the meal even in case of lung problems.
(6) On bile, inflammation and thirst: Make kokum like bowl, water and strain it. Then add the required amount of sugar, drink this Kokum syrup twice a day in the morning and evening.

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