Javantri is a kind of spice (garam masala). The fruit that comes first to the nutmeg tree is a little bigger. Nutmeg is the fruit inside it. Javantri is the same as the peel on the top of the nutmeg. The bark is initially white and fragrant. When the inner fruit i.e. nutmeg ripens, the peel wrapped around it is red and mesh.

Analysis of elements
1. Jalatatva 15.90%
2. Protein 6.50%
3. Fat 24.40%
4. Carbohydrate 47.80%
5. Mineral substances 1.60%
6. Fiber 3.80%
7. Calcium 0.18%
8. Phosphorus 0.10%
9. iron 12.60 mg of Per 100 grams
10.calories 437 per 100 grams

Javantri is sweet, light, warm, palatable and color corrector. Cough, cough, vomiting, shortness of breath, thirst. It is deworming and destroys toxins in the body. Most of the qualities of Javantri are similar to nutmeg. Aromatic oil in Javantri is about 8 to 10 percent. These oils are volatile.

To improve body color: Apply Javantri on the body and take a bath after a while.

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