Irregular menstruation

If menstruation is irregular, there is a lot of pain during menstruation, when the head is heavy, eating two grams of crushed rye at the first meal while eating will get rid of all the complaints. This experiment should be done indefinitely during menstruation for four months.

If there is excessive bleeding during menstruation, burn the hard top of the coconut (coconut peel) to make ash. Then it is beneficial to get sugar in it and take it three times a day with three grams.

Menstruation lasts sometimes after the baby is born due to cold air, cold water. Which causes abdominal pain and gas. When this happens, eating two grams of salt with warm water restores menstruation. As well as get rid of all troubles.

When there is less bleeding during menstruation, dip the hing in lukewarm water and heat it slowly. Drinking filtered water when there is enough water does not cause any problem and menstruation is just enough.

Doing this experiment continuously for a while will get rid of the complaint forever.

By taking Tulsi B No. 10 and boiling it in water and drinking it, menstruation becomes regular and there is no problem.

Dip black sesame seeds in water with jaggery, boil the water properly and drink it three to four times a day.

Taking 2 to 3 grams of ajmani with hot milk does not cause any problem during menstruation.

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