Internal Haemorrhage

Intracranial hemorrhage is caused by headaches, bruising, fever, anger, overheating, rupture of endocrine glands, rupture of blood vessels due to overheating or cold due to overheating or cold. Normal internal bleeding under the skin can be seen immediately with the naked eye. Bleeding from the skin on the soles of the hands, nails or inside the eyes causes red, green or black color. There is swelling, pain and inflammation. Bleeding deep into the body or in the heart cannot be immediately determined by an external symptom. Falling, being hit or damaged inside can have very dangerous consequences on the heart, brain, liver and spleen. In it the patient becomes unconscious, there is unbearable burning, there is pain, there is swelling on the surface, it heats the place. Location action hangs. A change in skin color is seen above.

In this case, the following erectile dysfunction, cold, edema and sedation should be treated immediately.

  • Pour cold water over the inter-bleeding.
  • Sprinkle ghee or milk in that place.
  • Rub ice, put water on yourself, put a clay bandage.
  • Apply Dashang, Raswanti or Osteoarthritis in cold water, milk or ghee.
  • Get turmeric in a bowl and apply it in a bowl.
  • Apply appropriate amount of water, coconut water, grape water, milk or ghee from Chandrakala, Ras Shonitargal Ras, Godanti Bhasma, Raswanti, Jethimadha, Praval, Pure Alum etc.
  • Totally relaxing the patient.
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