Inflammation of the eyes

Substances like chilli, onion are applied on the eyes. Then the eyes begin to revolt. Water seems to come out of the eye. Dust often causes eye irritation and watery eyes. There are many benefits to using the following home remedies.


Applying cow's milk butter on the eyes removes eye irritation.

Applying yoghurt on the eyelids removes heat and inflammation. If yoghurt cream is not available at such times, then applying milk cream is also very beneficial.

Take equal parts of turmeric, alum and tamarind leaves and make a potion of it and shake it to get rid of eye inflammation.

Soak 10 grams of grapes in water overnight. The next morning, mash it, strain it with a little sugar, and drink it to get rid of eye heat and inflammation.

Put the apples on the fire and mash them by hand. Then make a poultice and apply it on the eye at night, it calms the eye inflammation in a few days and also removes many disorders.

Make a pill with a bowl of acacia leaves. Heat ghee and fry in it, then make a poultice of it and apply it on the eyes, it gives immediate relief in inflammation.

Applying acacia leaf juice on the eyelids and applying it on the eyelids reduces the swelling of the eyelids. As well as eye inflammation is also eliminated.


The patient of this disease should prepare old rice, barley, mug as well as vegetable ghee of rice, bajia, praval, karela, eggplant etc.

Sweet and spicy foods are also beneficial for the eye. A bowl of lemon or acacia leaves should be applied on the soles of the feet. So that the eyes get cool.

Massaging sesame oil on the scalp is also very beneficial.

Patients with this disease should not take bitter, acidic, heavy, sharp and hot substances at all.

Such as drugs, dried meat-fish, sprouted beans as well as harmful substances that warm the body should not be taken.

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