Herbal experiments on Neem twigs and roots

The roots of the kalpataru tree Neem also have many excellent medicinal properties. The Neem root is removed from the soil, cleaned with water, cut into small or large pieces as required and used medicinally.

Its special power is hidden in the roots of any plant. Let's look at the medicinal experiments of 'Neem root'.

Original Medicinal Experiments:

(1) Difficulty in delivery:- Since a woman who has been in labor for a whole month (6 months) does not have labor pains, if the delivery is not easy, bring a soft root like Neem (fresh) and tie it with a string. By tying a woman's waist, the influence of the root is what makes a woman happy sooner. Leave the original waist immediately after the baby is born and after the ore has fallen. (Aryabhishek)

(2) Urustambha (to be entangled with Sathal Kafdosh):- Rubbing sandalwood on the root of Neem root like sandalwood, heating its extract and applying it on both the sathals which is tolerable, removes Urustambha daily. If the above paste is applied with mustard, rafda soil and honey, the benefit is very quick.

(3) Surameh:- This patient will benefit by boiling the bark on the root of Neem and drinking it daily. (Sushruta. Chi. A. 6.)

(4) Dental disease:- Boil Neem root and rinse it in the mouth a few times after daily toothpaste to get rid of tooth decay, pyorrhea, gingivitis, dirt, pain, secretion of blood or pus, gum ulcers etc. (Green Ed.)

(5) Hemiplegia and laxity:- Bring a 5-10 inch long branch of Neem, make a hole in it, put a lump of hinglok (10 to 5 grams) in it, fill the hole again with Neem powder, blow it. After the kiln has cooled down, remove the ashes of the hinglok from the stalks, fill the vial with the ankles. Giving 1 to 5 drops of this Hingul bhasma medicine daily in Nagarvel leaves cures paralysis and muscle relaxation.

(6) In eye disorders - Antimony:- Make a hole (chalk) in the middle of a thick-large piece of Neem branch, put a lump of antimony (suranjan) in it, fill the hole only with Neem bark or its peel. Leave it in the sun and open for two months. Then take out the antimony, knead it in a mortar, get a proportion of Baras Kapoor in it, fill the vials. This antimony is an excellent medicine for the eye. Applying it to the eye daily with a glass rod cools the eyes and increases the flame of the eye. Inflammation of the eye and biliary pain such as acne, scabies, blurred vision, redness, visual impairment etc. are eliminated.

(7) Acne on the face:- Rub the thick root of Neem with the bark like sandalwood on the aurasia and apply the extract on the acne daily. So the acne caused by cough or bile will disappear. If there is a fault of air, get lemon oil in this wear and tear. If there is bile defect, rub it with milk. If there is phlegm, do it with water.

(8) Malaria decoction:- Take 20 gms of Neem root peel and boil it in half sugar, 20 gms of water for 15 minutes and strain it. Drinking 20 to 30 grams of boiled water 2-3 times before the fever subsides does not cause fever. This is an excellent medicine for those who do not like quinine.

* Neem root soil: The soil around the Neem root also has many qualities. Collect such soil, sift it and keep it soaked. Then apply it externally on skin or leukemia diseases like white leprosy, shingles, eczema, measles. Inflammation of the limbs and pus also cures such clay.

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