After waking up in the morning, after cutting an apple at Narana Kothe and adding salt to it, drinking a glass of warm milk with lukewarm water from above will cure any headache in ten days.

Rubbing the root of Kharek or fresh date in water and applying it on the scalp relieves the headache.

Gas in the stomach can cause headaches or dizziness. Drinking lemon juice in hot water will give you a lot of relief.

When there is severe pain in the head, close the part where the breath is running through the nostrils with Rs. Apply mustard oil in the other part, take the breath slowly and the headache will go away.

Taking a bowl of cinnamon or rubbing it on the forehead with water will relieve the headache.

If you have a headache due to salivation, placing your feet in a tub filled with hot water will relieve the headache.

Soak the almonds in water at night. The next morning, heat the ghee in a bowl, saute it, get it in hot water and drink it to get rid of the old headaches.

Take one gram of opium and two cloves and heat a little. Then apply the paste on the forehead to get rid of the headache caused by cold.

If there is a headache due to heat, then after taking a bowl of milk and applying it on the forehead, the headache disappears in an hour.

Soak the jaggery in water, then when the jaggery dissolves, it is very beneficial to drink the filtered water.

Grind basil leaves and apply it on the forehead to get rid of headaches immediately.

Dip dried amla in fern oil for ten days and then apply this oil on the scalp to get rid of headaches.

Drinking cardamom mixed in a cup of milk after heating, the headache disappears.

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