Hair loss

Rubbing lentils in the hair on the scalp stops hair loss in a few days.

If the hair is falling out or the hair is falling out while rotating the comb over the hair, washing the scalp with a bowl of lemon juice and then applying coconut oil in it will stop the breakage and become thick in a few days.

Steep the mango powder in water at night. In the morning, strain the water and dip two lemons in it. Then washing the hair with water will stop the hair from falling out.

100 ml Get three grams of camphor in a bowl. Rub this oil into the scalp every night with a light finger. Doing this experiment for 15 days will remove the dirt and grime in the hair or hair roots. The hair will stop falling out and the hair will become black and beautiful.

Prepare the syrup by getting it in lemon juice. Apply this syrup on the hair and sit in the sun for 2 to 3 hours. Then wash the hair with soap. Doing this experiment will give a unique shine to the hair and will also stop the falling hair.

Mix the chopped lemon in the copra. Then apply this oil and massage lightly with your hands. The dirt in your hair will be removed. The pores will be opened, the hair will get adequate nutrition and the hair will become plump.

Make a paste of pomegranate seeds and leaves. Then dip this pulp in fern oil and heat the oil over low heat. Strain when everything boils and becomes a juice. Then apply this oil regularly on the scalp twice a day and massage it to stop the falling hair and make the hair beautiful and thick.

Take a bowl of coriander juice. Gently massage this juice into the hair roots. Doing this experiment will strengthen the hair roots, make the hair shiny and black.

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