Anger is caused by heat, hot food or vomiting. Sometimes it is not just red blood-yellow raw bile mixed in the blood. In Ayurveda it is called leprosy. Increased raw bile increases with blood mixing with blood and the blood that is diluted during fever or hot meals is expelled from the body due to lack of space. Do not panic and do the available treatment. However, in severe cases of tuberculosis, in case of urinary incontinence or vomiting of blood after a stroke, special tests are required immediately.

  • Let the patient rest so that the head does not remain low.
  • Ice sucking.
  • Amla and Sakar, Harde and Sakar, Triphala, Shonitargal juice, Ball Parpati, Chandrakala juice, Ardusi tone, Ardusi tone with honey and sugar, Lakh powder, Durvadhya Dhrit etc.
  • It is best to leave two to four pounds of fresh Ardusi fresh leaves in half an hour.
  • Bowl of jethi honey and sandalwood milk.
  • Add powdered honey of grapes, sandalwood, Lodhar and Priyangu to Ardusi or asparagus juice.
  • Honey, dates + honey or grapes + honey. Goat's milk, ghee, mug, fresh buttermilk shingoda, dates, salted pomegranate, amla, prawns, amla marmalade etc. to give cold sedatives
  • Apathya ahar-vihar as ‘naskori’.
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