Gynecological diseases (leukoplakia)

It is beneficial to take three grams of mango powder with honey and lick it three times a day.

Eating two to three ripe bananas every day has a lot of benefits in leucorrhoea, gradually disappearing.

It is beneficial to take white musli or isbagul powder with syrup every morning and evening.

Take shingoda, gokhru, big cardamom, acacia glue, sugar, semal glue in equal parts in the morning and evening and the leucorrhoea disappears.

There are many benefits to eating raw okra early in the morning every day.

Regular drinking of tomato juice for a short time can cure the disease.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze ten to twelve drops of milk on it.

It is necessary to do this experiment every morning and evening continuously for a month until abstinence from intercourse.

Dry the purple peel in the shade. Then grind it. Taking 3 to 4 grams of powdered milk every day is very beneficial.

Doing this experiment every morning and evening continuously for a month gets rid of the disease. If goat's milk is drunk during this experiment, there is an immediate benefit.

A woman who has leukemia should mix a bowl of green mango with barley flour to make bread. Doing this experiment for 20 days cures the disease.

Prepare raw banana by drying it. Then take one teaspoon of this powder and one teaspoon of jaggery evenly three times a day for relief.

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