Chickpea flour gets salted by applying salt on the gum-gumad, due to which the gud-gumad disappears as the blood in it comes out.

Applying Karela's root bowl on the boil gives a lot of relief.

The ashes of burnt alvi leaves are obtained in oil. Applying the oil on the boil makes the boil harden, burst and relieves.

Boil the carrots and make a poultice of it and tie it on the boil to get rid of the boil.

Take a bowl of fresh neem leaves with buttermilk and apply it on the gums. But this lap should be done twice a day.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Applying fenugreek potash cures the boil and gives a lot of relief as the liquid inside it explodes.

Applying butter on the boil and tying a cotton bandage makes the boil burst and the pain disappears

Add turmeric and salt to the wheat flour and mix it well.

Rubbing the bark of Sargwani with water and applying it on the boil will make the boil settle.

Make a potash of spinach or Tandalja leaves and apply it on the boil.

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