Ginger is famous everywhere for its virtues. It is used more or less in every home. Its presence in every kitchen is unmistakable. It is useful in many problems, but we do not take advantage of it. Its use can cure many problems. It is able to cope with the onset of cancer to some extent.

Analysis of elements

1. Water element - 80.90%
2. Protein - 2.30%
3. Fat - 0.90%
4. Carbohydrates - 12.30%
5. Minerals - 1.20%
6. Fiber - 2.40%
7. Calcium - 0.02%
8. Phosphorus - 0.06%
9. Iron ore - 2.60 mg per 100 grams
10. Parasite ‘A’  - 67 Ra. Per 100 grams per unit
11. The parasite ‘C’  - 6 Ra. Ra. Per 100 grams per unit
13. Calories - 67 per 100 grams


Ginger is a digestive, astringent, astringent and delicious. It keeps the throat healthy. Also relieves swelling, cough, flatulence, cough, shortness of breath, constipation, flatulence and colic.


(1) On anorexia: Before starting the meal, drink three-four teaspoons of ginger juice with six-seven drops of lemon and start eating immediately so that the stomach does not get inflamed.
(2) To lighten the ground: Eat green ginger coriander sauce.
(3) On cold: Put ginger in tea-coffee etc. (Add ginger only when it is boiled) Add ginger juice in it while making curry.
(4) On cough and phlegm: Ginger curry PV.
(5) On shortness of breath and asthma: Twice a day, drink one teaspoon of ginger juice with honey. There are definite benefits to continuing this experiment for a long time.
(6) To increase the capacity of the heart: Treat only the number 5.
(7) On constipation: Use ginger.
(8) To prevent cancer: Use both ginger and garlic.


Long lasting treatment especially in winter and monsoon. Patients with high blood pressure, gastritis or acidity should use ginger wisely.

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