(The best on bitter neem)

This well is the home doctor of the poor who cures 70 diseases from the root, it is easily found in the villages in the farms and in the bush-forest.

Giloy is a type of vine, also called throat. Whose leaves are like the leaves of a leaf. It is so much more beneficial, that it is named Amrita. In Ayurveda, gilloy is considered as a great medicine for fever. Drinking gilloy juice seems to cure various ailments found in the body. Calcium, protein and phosphorus are found in the leaves of gilloy. It is talkative, expectorant and bile killer. It helps boost our body's immune system. It contains different types of important antibiotics and antiviral elements which benefit the health of the body. He is the doctor of the poor house as he is easily found in the village. Giloy naturally has the power to balance the body's defects.

Giloy is a very important Ayurvedic medicine. Giloy is a very fast growing vine. The branches of gilloy are also used in medicine. Giloy's vine is full of vitality, as if even a single piece of this vine is thrown into the ground, it becomes a new plant in its place. Analysis of the chemical composition of gilloy has revealed that it contains a bitter glucoside called gilloin, fatty alcohol glycerol, berberine alkaloid, many types of fat alum and volatile oil.

The leaves also contain calcium, protein, phosphorus and starch in the body. Many types of research have shown that gilloy has a lethal effect on viruses. It has high levels of sodium salicylate, which is a great pain reliever. It inhibits the growth of tuberculosis bacteria. It works by increasing the production of insulin to digest glucose and prevent disease infections. Let's take a look at the physical benefits of gilloy.

Giloy:  Increases immunity

Giloy has an important effect on boosting the immune system in our body. Giloy has different antioxidant properties, which help maintain physical health, and help prevent various serious illnesses. Giloy also helps to flush out the chemical toxins found in our liver and kidneys. Giloy protects our body from problems like liver and urinary tract infections by fighting against the germs of diseases that occur in our body.

Giloy: The best medicine to fight fever -

Giloy has a lot of benefits in curing a fever that lasts longer. Giloy has anti-fever properties. Giloy is very useful in preventing the onset of the symptoms of a fatal disease in our body. It increases the amount of blood platelets in our body which has proved to be very useful in fighting fever in every way. If gilloy juice and honey are given equally to the patient for the treatment of malaria, it is very helpful to treat malaria very easily.

Giloy: Digestive function is regulated

Due to gilloy, the physical digestive system also remains restrained. Giloy is well known for relieving various stomach ailments. To regulate our digestive system, it is very beneficial to take one gram of gilloy powder with a little mango powder on a regular basis.

Giloy: Cough is also cured

If a patient suffering from cough is given a little bit of gilloy juice mixed with buttermilk, the patient's discomfort will be lessened.

Giloy: Treatment of diabetes

If you have high blood sugar levels, drinking gilloy juice regularly can help lower this level.

Controls high blood pressure - Giloy controls our body's blood pressure.

Giloy: The exact cure for asthma

Asthma is a very serious disease, which causes the patient to face a variety of problems, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath. Sometimes such a situation becomes very difficult to control. But did you know that the easiest way to get rid of the above symptoms of asthma is to use gilloy. Yes, gilloy is always used more and more to treat asthma patients, and it also seems to relieve asthma.

Giloy: To enhance eyesight

Giloy is also used to keep our eyes healthy. It enhances our eyesight so that we can see well even without wearing glasses. If a few leaves of gilloy are boiled in water and the water cools down, applying it regularly on the eyelids is very beneficial.

Giloy: Also effective for beauty -

Using gilloy reduces the appearance of dark spots, pimples and wrinkles on our face. Zuria from the top of the face is also very helpful in reducing. It helps keep our skin fresh. Giloy keeps our skin healthy and beautiful. And it seems to have a kind of luster in it.

Giloy: Also removes problems associated with blood -

Many people have anemia. Which causes him to begin to experience physical weakness. Regular use of gilloy increases the amount of blood in the body, and gilloy is very beneficial in purifying our blood.

Giloy: Yellowing of teeth -

Mix the fruits of gilloy and acacia evenly and take a bowl and rub it regularly in the morning and evening to get relief.

Giloy: Leprosy (bloody bile)

Take 10-10 gms of jethi honey, gilloy and grapes and apply 500 ml. Make raab by boiling in water. Drinking 1 glass of this rab 2-3 times a day is beneficial in leprosy.

Giloy: Itching

Apply turmeric and gilloy leaf juice on the itchy part and mix 3 teaspoons of gilloy juice and 1 teaspoon of honey and drink it in the morning and evening to get rid of itching.

Giloy: Motapo

Mix Nagarmotha, Harde and Giloy evenly and make a powder. Taking 1-1 teaspoon of powdered honey with it 3 times a day is also beneficial in obesity. Baking pure Shilajit in the raab of Harde, Baheda, Giloy and Ambala prevents the growth of fat. Licking 3 grams of gilloy and 3 grams of triphala powder with honey in the morning and evening reduces obesity.

Giloy: Hiccups

Mix ginger powder and gilloy powder evenly and sniff it to stop hiccups.

Giloy: For all types of fever

Mix ginger, coriander, gilloy, chiraita and sugar evenly and grind it in a bowl. This powder taken 1-1 teaspoon 3 times a day gives relief in all types of fever.

Giloy: To clean the earwax

Apply 2-2 drops twice a day by rubbing the gilloy in warm water to get rid of earwax and clean the ear.

Giloy: Earache

By warming the juice of gilloy leaves and applying the juice in the ear drops, the earache goes away.

Giloy: Collection

Take equal parts of Ati, Ginger, Motha and Giloy and mix it with water to make raab. Drinking 20-30 grams of this raab in the morning and evening removes the problem of anorexia (loss of appetite), constipation, diarrhea and diarrhea.

Giloy: Constipation

Take 2 teaspoons of gilloy powder with jaggery to get rid of constipation.

Giloy: ACDT

Consumption of gilloy juice cures many diseases caused by acidity such as dysentery, polio, urinary tract (urinary tract disease) and eye disorders (eye disease). Drinking gilloy, neem leaves and bitter gourd leaves with honey in a bowl removes acidity.

Giloy: Anemia

The juice of gilloy reaches the body and increases the blood and due to which the anemia in the body goes away.

Giloy: Weakness of the heart

Consumption of gilloy juice removes the weakness of the heart. In this way the heart gets strength and cures different types of heart related diseases.

Giloy: Heart ache

Mix 10 gms of gilloy and black pepper powder and take 3 gms of it with lukewarm water to get relief in heart ache.

Giloy: Hemorrhoids, leprosy and jaundice

7 to 14 ml. Hemorrhoids, leprosy and jaundice are cured by taking fresh juice of gilloy with honey twice a day.

Giloy: Hemorrhoids

Take 1 teaspoon of gilloy powder with Matha (buttermilk, takra) in the morning and evening. Take 20 gms of herd, gilloy, coriander and mix it and boil it in 5 kg of water.

Giloy:Urinary incontinence

The juice of gilloy accelerates the functioning of the kidneys by increasing the volume of urine and eliminating its obstruction. Giloy's juice is also beneficial in urinary tract disease (inflammation of urine) arising from speech disorders.

Giloy:Blood clots

Consumption of gilloy juice is very beneficial in blood clots.

Giloy: Blemishes on the face

By rubbing the fruit on the face of gilloy vine and rubbing it on the face, pimples, blisters and wrinkles are removed from the face.

Giloy: White spot

In the disease of white spot 10 to 20 ml. Applying Giloy juice 2-3 times a day on white spots for a few months is beneficial.

Giloy:Stomach diseases - 18 grams fresh

Gilloy, 2 gms ajmo and small pepper, 2 neem leaves in a bowl and add 250 ml. Put it in a clay pot with water at night to inflate and strain it in the morning and give it to the patient daily for 15 to 30 days to get relief from all stomach ailments.

Giloy: Arthritis

Take 2-4 grams of gilloy powder with milk 2 to 3 times a day, it cures arthritis.


Gabbhari, Bilva, Erni, Shyonak (Sonapatha), and Paul take the bark of his trunk and gilloy, amla, coriander and make it into equal parts Taking 20-30 grams of raab twice a day cures flatulence.

Giloy:Leprosy (bloody bile)

Make a paste of 10 to 20 grams of gilloy juice in a bowl. Apply this paste on both the sides of the bloody bile and massage it to cure the disease of cholera.

Giloy:Chronic Fever (Chronic Fever)

To treat chronic fever or fever that persists for more than 6 days and does not cure the condition, grind 40 gms of gilloy well and put 250 ml in a clay pot. Mix it with water and cover it overnight and drink it in the morning. Drinking this juice in the amount of about 20 grams 3 times a day is beneficial. 20 ml. Mix 1 gram of paprika and 1 teaspoon of honey in the juice of gilloy and take it in the morning and evening, it cures chronic diseases like phlegm, spleen, cough and anorexia.


Mixing gilloy juice and sugar to make 2-2 teaspoons gilloy raab and drinking it cold, it stops vomiting.

Giloy:Patchish (Collection)

20 gm Punarrava, Ktuki, Giloy, Neem bark, Patolpatra, Ginger, Daruhaldar, Harde etc. 320 ml. Mix it in water and boil it. When it remains at 80 grams, drinking 20 grams of this raab in the morning and evening cures dysentery. In 1 liter of gilloy juice, mix 250 g of its powder in 4 liters of milk and 1 kg of buffalo ghee and cook it on low heat. When it rises to 1 kg, strain it. Mix 10 grams of it in 4 times cow's milk and drink it in the morning and evening, it cures dysentery and it can cure jaundice and hemorrhoids.

Giloy:Eye Disease

Mix 1-1 gm of honey and rock salt in about 11 gms of gilloy juice, heat it very well and then cool it and apply it on the eyes, it cures many eye diseases. Its use also cures diseases like pill, hemorrhoids, eczema, linganash and shukla and krishna membranes. Make tripod by mixing triphala in gilloy juice. Consuming it with pepper powder and honey in the morning and evening increases the vision of the eyes and removes many diseases associated with the eyes.

Giloy:Tuberculosis (TB)

Mix gilloy, kalamari, vanslochan, cardamom etc. in equal parts. Take 1-1 teaspoon with milk for a few weeks to get rid of tuberculosis. Sift the black mari, gilloy powder, two small cardamom seeds, real vanslochan and bhilwa in equal proportions with a cloth. Mix 130 mg of it in butter or cream and take it 3 times a day, it cures TB.


5-10 ml of gilloy. Drinking juice or 3-6 gms of powder or 10-20 gms of kalk or 40-60 gms of raab continuously for some time daily relieves the patient from diarrhea.


A patient suffering from leukemia is cured by mixing gallstones in the juice of gilloy and consuming it. Giloy is about 2 feet long and as big as a finger, take 10 grams of green leaves of wheat, mix it in a little water and take a bowl, then put it in a cloth and squeeze the juice. It is beneficial to consume one cup of this juice on an empty stomach.

Giloy:Internal fever

Mix 5 grams of gilloy juice with a little honey and lick it to cure internal fever. It is also beneficial to drink gilloy raab mixed with honey.

Giloy:Indigestion (incurable) fever

Gilob, small pepper, ginger, nagarmotha and chirayata abadhu j bhati raab. Drinking this raab reduces indigestion fever.


Take equal parts of gilloy, big gokhru and amla and grind them in a bowl. Eating 5 grams of it daily with sugar and ghee increases masculinity.


In case of talk or fever, it is beneficial to make a raab by mixing gilloy, paprika root, ginger and indrajo in 7 days.

Giloy:Asthma (respiratory disease)

Grinding the bark of the gilloy trunk and taking it with buttermilk cures respiratory disease. Mixing 6 gms of gilloy juice, 2 gms of cardamom and 1 gms of Vansalochan in honey cures tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

Giloy:Malaria fever

Mix 5 long pieces of gilloy and 15 black peppers in a bowl and apply 250 ml. Dip in water and bring to a boil. When it rises to 58 grams, consume it. It is beneficial in case of malaria fever.

Giloy : Fever

Mix 6 gms of gilloy, 6 gms of coriander, 6 gms of neem bark, 6 gms of padakh and 6 gms of red sandalwood and make raab. Drinking this made raab in the morning and evening cures all types of fever.

Giloy:Cough and cough  - Licking gilloy with honey cures cough.

Dryness in tongue and mouth: 10 ml of gilloy juice. To 20 ml. Drink cumin and sugar syrup after mixing with honey. It relieves dryness in the mouth caused by inflammation in the throat.

Giloy:Inflammation and swelling of the tongue

Rinsing it by making raab of gilloy, pepper and rasaut removes the inflammation and swelling of the tongue.

Giloy:Peel the inside of the mouth

Dhamasa, Harde, Javitri, Dak, Giloy, Baheda and Ambala. When it gets cold, mix honey in it and drink it.

Giloy:Physical Weakness

Rhythm of 100 gms of gilloy, 100 gms of infinite root powder, mix both together in 1 liter of boiling water and put in a closed vessel. After 2 hours strain and dry. Taking 50-100 grams of it 2-3 times a day removes the physical weakness caused by fever.

Giloy:AIDS (HIV)

Giloy juice 7 to 10 ml, honey or bitter neem juice or lentil powder or Haridra, Khadir and Ambala 3 times a day is beneficial in AIDS. It is beneficial in treating ulcers, gonorrhea and chronic putty.


Giloy, ginger, rejuvenation, banyan leaves and underwater brick take all these in equal parts, and by applying a bowl over the fistula, if the fistula is not cured, it will settle.
The tender leaves of gilloy, sothi root, ginger, jethi honey and berry are needed to warm it up and apply it on the fistula.

Giloy:Liver or Liver Disease

Giloy, Atis, Nagarmotha, Nani Pepper, Ginger, Chirayata, Kalamegh, Yavakshar, Harakasis Shuddha and Champani bark are taken in equal proportions. Taking 3-6 grams of this powder cures many diseases associated with the liver such as spleen, jaundice, indigestion, loss of appetite, chronic fever and water retention.

Giloy:Excessive thirst

Giloy juice 6 to 10 ml. Taken three times a day in moderation quenches thirst immediately.

Giloy:Bile growth

Giloy juice 7 to 10 ml. It will benefit by mixing it with honey 3 times a day.


Mix 40 gms of green gilloy juice, 6 gms of stone extract and 6 gms of honey and drink it for 1 month, it cures diabetes or 20-50 ml. Giloy juice should be given to the diabetic patient with equal amount of water in the morning and in the evening or it should be given to the patient whenever he feels thirsty. Mix 15 gms of gilloy powder and 5 gms of ghee and give it to the patient 3 times a day, it cures diabetes.

Giloy: Joint pain (arthritis)

Take equal quantity of gilloy and ginger and make a raab of it and drink it. Make it and fill it in a small bottle. Half a teaspoon of its powder is boiled in half a cup of water and cooled down. Drink it. Is.

Giloy: Abdominal pain

Giloy juice 7 ml. From 10 ml. Mixing it with honey in the morning and evening cures stomach ache.


Mix 5 grams powder of gilloy or black pepper or triphala with honey and lick it every morning and evening. Wearing a garland of gilloy around the neck is beneficial in jaundice or jaundice. Take 1 teaspoon of gilloy juice in the morning and evening.

Giloy:Dry disease (rickettsia)

Soak the baby's kurta in green gilloy juice and keep wearing it on the child suffering from dry disease. The baby will recover in a few days. Mentally unstable (madness): Drinking gilloy with raab brahmi removes madness.

Giloy:Inflammation in the body

Inflammation in the body or inflammation of the hands and feet in 7 to 10 ml. Mix gilloy juice with google or bitter neem or haridra, khadir and amla to make raab. Taking this raab 2 to 3 times a day removes the inflammation in the body.


100 ml. Mix pure gilloy juice and 10 infinite root powder in 1 liter of boiling water and keep it in a closed pot for 2 hours. After 2 hours remove it from the pot and strain it. Consumption of 50 to 100 grams of it 3 times a day clears the blood and cures leprosy.


20 ml. Mixing ghee in gilloy juice and consuming it every morning and evening increases blood flow in the body. K Giloy 24 to 36 mg taken with honey and jaggery in the morning and evening eliminates the deficiency of blood in the body.


Take gilloy raab to cure headaches caused by malaria.

Excessive sweating or odor: 20 to 40 ml. Mixing gilloy syrup in 4 times water and drinking it in the morning and evening stops sweating.

Giloy:Strengthening the body

About 4 years old gilloy although well grown on neem or mango trees. Now make 4-4 pieces of this gilloy like a finger. Now grind it by rinsing it with water and then soaking it in a steel vessel for about 6 hours. Once the fine powder is frozen, add booze water and put it in it. Then drain the water from above. Doing this two to three times will give a shiny white powder. Let it dry and put it in a glass jar. Then add about 10 grams of fresh cow's milk (granulated) sugar and add about 1 or 2 grams of gilloy juice. When there is a slight fever, consumption with ghee and (chalk) sugar or with honey and paprika root or with jaggery and black cumin cures various ailments in the body and gives new energy to the body.

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