General treatment of colic and colic diet

General treatment of colic

For the colic that arises in the constipation due to the disorder of the digestive system, the names of colic, colic, phlegm colic, food colic, consequent colic, etc. are given in the scriptures, but here we are going to consider the general colic as a whole.

In spite of the many causes, locations, and differences of the colic, in principle, almost every common treatment does not go unnoticed. As we have seen before, if the air is irritated by cold, then the pain caused by consuming hot food, exercise or medicine to bring equality will also disappear. Such as sesame oil, mustard oil, garlic, asafoetida, ajma, urad, kalthi, eggplant, sargavo, ginger, ginger, pepper, rye, etc. Garlic, ginger etc. medicine; In the same way smoothness as opposed to roughness, stability as opposed to movability; Gravity etc. can be held as opposed to minimalism.

Shulghna diet

The food that cures flatulence can also be shuladhan, but if the bile is mixed with the shula, then it should be treated with ghee as it is a bile with cold oil and bile with cold as it is bile despite being a bile oil. If there is a cover of phlegm, then both hot and sharp qualities can be used to cure phlegm at the same time. Although milk is antiseptic due to its sweetness and smoothness, it should not be consumed as it is irritating to both cough and cold. If you have to take it, you can take ginger, pepper, pepper, ajma, ginger, etc. - cooked in kaphadhan and shuladhan medicine. The following foods can be given discreetly in Shul.

Wheat, rice, mug, urad, kale, sesame oil, fennel, castor oil, ghee, hot milk, jaggery, sorghum, eggplant, turmeric, prawns, onion, fenugreek, dried radish, garlic, ginger, green turmeric, mint, basil , Ajmo, Suva, Salt, Sindhav, Turmeric, Rye, Lemon, Pomegranate, Black Grape, Seed, Amla, Cashew etc. as well as sweet-acid-salts in juice; Heat-sharp-Jupiter-Stable-substances in Guna All the substances that are sweet in Vipak can be almost Shuladhan. Have a hot meal for the colic patient.

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