Garlic is a very important spice in terms of usefulness. The great Ayurvedacharya Maharshi Vagbhat never tires of describing its virtues. There is no other remedy for rheumatism like garlic. It has enough power to eradicate rheumatism. Of course, the therapist must be just as adept.

Herbs like garlic, ginger, ginger etc. which are useful in joint problems are not expensive at all. Even the smallest man can take advantage of it, not only that, the herbs are very accessible.

Since this medicine is very hot, it should be used only in winter or monsoon season. People do not like garlic because it has a strong odor. But, our job is to see the benefits, but if desired, cardamom can be taken after taking the medicine.

Garlic also has the ability to fight cancer.

Analysis of elements:
1. Jalatatva - 62.80%
2. Protein - 6.30%
3. Fat - 0.10%
4. Carbohydrate - 29.00%
5. Mineral substances - 1.00%
6. Fiber - 0.80%
7. Calcium - 0.03%
8. Phosphorus - 0.31%
9. Iron - 1.30 mg Per 100 grams
10. Vitamin 'C' - 13 amra Per 100 grams per unit
11. Calories - 142  per 100 grams


Garlic is hot, digestible, nutritious, aphrodisiac, constipating, spicy, sharp and sweet in juice and crop. Beneficial for broken bones, beneficial for throat, blood tonic, bile, tonic, body color corrector, beneficial for eye as well as killer of heart disease, chronic fever and gonorrhea. It cures flatulence, anorexia, cough, edema, hemorrhoids, leprosy, flatulence, phlegm, shortness of breath, but avoid the use of garlic in people with diarrhea, pregnant women, as well as those with leprosy and vomiting.


(1) If the ear is runny and it is painful, mash the garlic a little, boil it in sesame oil and put two drops of this oil in the ear twice a day.
(2) Migraine (half headache): Apply three-four drops of garlic in the nose.
(3) On immature boils and lumps: Apply a paste of garlic and pepper.
(4) Apply garlic paste to prevent wound healing and worm infestation.
(5) On all types of air: Take 20 grams garlic cloves, asafoetida, cumin, cinnamon, fennel, ginger and pepper, take ten grams each of these six things, bowl with garlic, make small tablets and dry it. Swallow two tablets of it in the morning and at night with water.
(6) If there is red rash on the limb due to body heat, chop its juice on it and on the stairs.
(7) On rheumatism: Fry five-six cloves of garlic in ghee and eat it first after eating it.
(8) On epilepsy and flatulence (mouth crookedness problem): Eat garlic bowl with sesame oil.
(9) On stomach ailments: Soak peeled garlic in buttermilk overnight, collect one part of this garlic, half part of it Sindhav and one fourth part of roasted asafoetida, ginger juice equal to the weight of the survey and take everything in a bowl. Make small tablets of it and take it twice a day with two tablets of buttermilk.
(10) On typhoid fever and vata disease: Put sesame oil and a little Sindhav in garlic clove and apply it every morning. This cures the disease.
(11) On high blood pressure: Drink two or three black cloves of garlic with a little milk every morning. Don't eat or drink anything else. In a few days the high blood pressure returns to normal. Eating garlic, mint, cumin, coriander, pepper and cinnamon sauce also normalizes high blood pressure.
(12) To make lumps, boils and bamboo sticks, make a bowl of garlic and pepper and chop it.
(13) Place a bowl of garlic buds on the stairs.
(14) On eczema: Make a paste made by grinding garlic buds.
(15) Sniffing a bowl of garlic for epilepsy and hysteria.
(16) Chop a bowl of garlic on a rabid dog bite and also use garlic in eating.
(17) An experiment for all-round disease - take garlic buds and soak them in half a glass of water every night. The next morning drink it with the same water in a bowl. Take nothing else for half an hour. Doing a week like this. Experiment with six buds in the second week. Experiment with eight buds in the third week. Then stop this experiment for a week. Then do the same experiment again. Do this experiment three times in the same way. This experiment gets rid of rheumatism.

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