Severe trauma can lead to fractures. What we call a fractured bone can be divided into an injury to the bone.

(1) Dislocation is when the bone is eroded or dislocated. The lower part of the bone, such as the limbs, falls when the bone falls out. There is no action, there is swelling, there is severe pain and sometimes the patient becomes unconscious. Feeling thirsty, it gets dark and he screams as he lifts the limb. Here's how to do it:

  • No one should try to implant a bone unless it is a bone transplant specialist.
  • Adjust the patient's position in a way that minimizes pain - adjusting and adjusting the limb.
  • Take special care that the part of the joint that is broken does not move at all. Wrap a large bandage or cloth around the part to keep it still. If there is an injury in the joints of the hands, tie a triangular bandage or make a jolly and fill it around the neck and keep it at the base of the chest. Tie the crippled leg to the other leg, turn the patient into a doli, or lean on a horse.
  • Rest the patient completely.
  • Pour cold water or oil on the diseased joints.
  • Apply osteoarthritis, rasvanti, doshaghna, dashang etc. or apply Arjun or turmeric powder or clay in sour buttermilk or water.
  • Heat a bowl with turmeric and apply it.
  • Get to the orthopedist very quickly and get the bone transplanted.

(2) In a fracture, the bone is broken in the middle. This is especially true in young children. A hard blow to a big man or a big bone can cause a crack. In such a condition the patient becomes mostly unconscious. There is unbearable pain, even a strong man cries, care is taken, touch cannot be tolerated. The bone cannot move, it starts to swell immediately. It starts to heat up and looks a little bluish.

  • Get checked by a chiropractor and bandage.
  • If there is no system like X-ray examination, apply thena ghee in the place where there is severe pain and swelling. There will be cracks in the bones where the first melts. Or apply a similar layer of clay, the place where the first clay will dry will have cracks.
  • The patient is instructed to turn, bandage or rest as follows.
  • In both types, Lakshadi Google, Punarnavadi Google: 2-3 tablets should be given to PC three times in water or milk. Giving Arjuna, Jethi honey or Ashwagandha powder in milk.
  • Take 2-3 grams of acacia powder and soak it in honey for three days.
  • Immediately add coconut water or half water in sesame oil.
  • Don't eat until you feel hungry. Then give light and nutritious food according to the appetite. The raab of thorns is considered beneficial in it.
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