Causes of suffocation, trauma, infirmity, acute form of the disease, epilepsy. Hysteria attack, traumatic injury, extreme cold, extreme heat, etc. are the causes of fainting.

  • If people have gathered around the unconscious person to remove it.
  • If the patient is lying in an unsanitary, unsanitary, or improper place, move from there to the right place.
  • To reassure the relative of the unconscious person.
  • Immediately check the cause of fainting and remove it immediately if possible.
  • The cause of fainting is hot if it is cold and cold if it is hot.
  • Sprinkle cold water on the eyes and mouth of an unconscious patient due to summer heat and let the wind blow.
  • The best remedy is to give a nasal spray to a patient who does not cause heat. Injecting a sharp substance such as fruit powder, respirator, mari, pepper, Sargwana bean powder or sneezing (sniffing the powder with a pinch of wadenake or blowing the powder into a postcard). This powder causes tingling, inflammation and discomfort in the patient. Will go. (I have experienced caffeine and asthma many times)
  • In Hysteria (Yoshapasmar), if the fist is bent in Tathavai, open it. If the ankle is cracked, remove it. If the tooth is cracked, open it and put a cloth between the teeth so that the tongue does not get stuck between the teeth.
  • Sniffing pungent and pungent-smelling substances like onions, leather, vaj, hing etc. also sometimes brings immediate realization.
  • Causes such as hysteria-YJ, even without any treatment, sometimes after a while, automatic cleansing comes. But the fainting does not go away without the fainting of the ascetic. The patient must be brought to consciousness by any means immediately.
  • Opening the mouth of an unconscious patient with vinegar, arjunarishta, sarsvatarishta, suras of the dead, respiratory juice, suvarna bhasma, hemgarbhapotli juice, hing, brahmi, kayfal, lindy pepper, musk, saffron etc.
  • Talking to the patient so that he does not regain consciousness immediately, giving consolation if there is a reason like grief and fearlessness if there is a reason like fear. It is also necessary for the patient to cry if the urge to cry is stopped.
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