Eye diseases

Eye contact:

The disease causes redness of the patient's eyes, severe itching in the eye, which occurs especially in spring and summer.

There is swelling in the eye, as well as severe pain like a needle piercing the eye.


The disease is caused by a number of reasons such as bathing in cold water immediately after coming out of the sun, smoke in the eyes, excessive crying, anger, waking up late at night, eye injuries.

This is an infectious disease. The person who comes in contact with the patient can also be infected by using a handkerchief or other items.


The patient's eyes become red, watery, or even hollow, itchy, itchy, swollen, and white. Which we call ‘chipada’. Nothing looks clean. The patient cannot tolerate light. Likes darkness though not dark, likes to keep eyes closed.


Applying alum powder on Rupali Ani in cow's milk and applying it on the eyes improves the eyes and also removes redness.

If the eyes are wet, soak the jaggery in water at night. The next morning, strain the water. Drinking this water after filtering it with a cloth exactly six times is very beneficial.

Take one part sugar and three parts coriander and make it into powder. Pour into boiling water, cover for an hour, then strain with a clean cloth and fill into a bottle. This water-morning evening, applying Babbe drops in the eyes makes the eyes feel better.

Drain the coriander juice. Then strain it with a clean cloth. Applying two drops of this juice in the eye in the morning and evening cures sore eyes as well as other eye disorders.

Redness of the eye:

If the eyes look red for any reason, the following remedies should be taken :

Take turmeric, alum and tamarind leaves in equal proportions. Then make a poultice, warm it slightly and put it on the eye and shake it to get rid of eye irritation and redness.

The redness of the eyes is removed by rubbing the juice of tamarind leaves together and rubbing the eyelids in and around the eyelids in a bronze or copper bowl.

Put on clean eyes soaked in milk. Doing this four to five times during the day cools the eyes and removes redness.

Take a bowl of apple leaves and make a potion of it. Applying it on the eye while sleeping cures sore eyes, removes redness of eyes, eliminates swelling and pain.


The eyes should be cleaned thoroughly. As this is a contagious disease, the patient's items should not be used by anyone else, the patient should wear black glass goggles to protect from sun or light, wash eyes with cold water.

Old rice, wheat, barley, mug, jaggery, fresh pure ghee, pomegranate, orange, chola, praval, sargavo, all these things are needed for the meal, green vegetables can also be taken.

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