As an epileptic leprosy symptom, summer-autumn area time, angry, very shaking, hard, stiff, sour, sour, more, in the cold, nasal blood vessels constricted, broken, some of the answers did not respond.

  • Let it be seen. Submission and patience sub.
  • Constant pounding of water over the head and forehead; Watering; Rub the ice. Cold clayey. Grind ice cubes.
  • No store water, milk, ghee, sugar water, drops of sugarcane juice or grape water.
  • Drink water, milk, sugar cane juice or ghee through the nose.
  • Sohal in the water often melts raw faktadi, dudmi flower in milk water water earthy water, name of onion shower, mango thorn thorn myra kardusina comes rasik luck (Aret is imagined).
  • Sandalwood, Lodhar and Chaula return to the pale naisya in Ardusaina Klian Madhyay.
  • Aka's finely chopped cloth and applied on the head.
  • Drinking Arduino juice.
  • Akanso, Chandrakala, Godanti Bhasma, Shanirgat Rasa, Jethimadh Chakal, Asparagus Heck, Boli Parpati, Vasa Hekli, Triphala Hekri, Vasa Sarbat, Gulkand, Durvadi Ghat, Adana Marmalade, Takiria, Isgrasi.
  • Relief of any cold, reversal of the disease.
  • Among the foods, millet dadam, goat's milk, ghee, black grapes, parval, rice, wheat, sugarcane, amla marmalade, etc.
  • Chili, Salt, Yogurt, Rye, Telugu, Garlic, Asafoetida, Kalithi, Bajari Khakhu, Salty, Sour.
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