Enhancing breast milk

If there is less milk in the breast after the birth of the baby, consuming a lot of lentils increases the milk in the breasts.

Eating pears, grapes, chickpeas, papaya also gives more milk to the breasts.

Take 20 grams of satavari and 20 grams of sugar in a very small bowl, sift it in a grazer and fill it in a bottle. Drinking one gram of powdered milk every day increases milk in the breasts. This is the infallible remedy. This experiment needs to be done for 15 days.

Soak the wheat in water at night. The next morning, by eating mashed jaggery by hand and drinking the same water on top, the milk in the breasts increases.

Drinking jaggery resin in the morning and evening also gives more milk to a woman who has less milk in her breasts.

Eating green peas as well as chewing raw peas also increases breast milk.

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