Filling a piece of food in the throat or nose, lago, kachukko, cody, chano, coin, etc., causes obstruction in breathing and causes suffocation. This is more common in young children. Adults are also suffocated by dust, smoke or toxic air.

  • The cause of suffocation should be removed first.
  • If there is something in the throat, it can be relieved by hitting the neck lightly, pulling the object out of the throat or lowering it down the throat.
  • The stuffy stuff in the nose should be pulled out with a small squeeze while maintaining a lot of pressure, if pushed or inhaled it gets too far into the narrow nostrils and becomes very difficult to remove. Sniffing or sniffing a sharp substance like nutmeg, sneezing and sneezing, the stuffed thing comes out.
  • If suffocation is caused by toxic air, dust or smoke, try to take the patient away from it.
  • If the patient has become unconscious due to suffocation, it will be called 'mustache' to bring it to consciousness.
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