Marada is called pravahika in Ayurveda. It has a very small amount of feces in it, even though the stump comes to the bush. Gummy is often caused by force with water that causes the skin to bleed. Special care should be taken in the case of diarrhea that instead of giving anti-diarrheal medicine, it should be given as loose and dilute medicine. This will automatically stop the bleeding as the obstruction is removed.

  • Giving the patient complete rest.
  • Stop eating, drinking and bathing.
  • If water is needed, boil and cool as much as one-fourth of what is left, then give lemon juice. It is better to give buttermilk instead of water.
  • Buttermilk, lemonade, goat's milk, black grapes, pomegranate and raw beetroot, lentils, rice, porridge etc. should be included in the diet.
  • Such a patient is given a dish of milk, milk dish, raisins, bread made from flour, shiro, etc .; Avoid ghee, biscuits as well as fried and stale food.
  • The best medicine for dysentery is herd. As it removes all the causes of dysentery, give 2-3 grams of it in buttermilk two-three times a day. In castor, shekel herd powder has more effect. In death, it is like memorizing the formula.
  • Shelter made from herd is also an excellent emergency medicine.
  • Castor spray also benefits immediately.
  • Giving isabgol in radish buttermilk can control excess blood immediately.
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