There have been a number of drowning accidents along the riverbank in the Kuwa-Lake, and in the case of heavy rains, such incidents are sometimes widespread.

The treatment of a drowning man begins with rescuing him from drowning. Because, drowning man either does not know how to swim, and if he knows, he has become weak and helpless; Or they may have been knocked unconscious by beatings, trauma, fear, or drinking water. The rescuer must have the ability to float and pull out evenly. To rescue a person, do the following:

  • If water has been drunk from a drowned patient, it should be taken out immediately by any means. If two people are in treatment, they should hold the patient's legs upside down or hang them upside down with a tree branch to make them vomit, or inhale and exhale by pressing on the chest and mouth or throat.
  • Remove wet clothes, wipe the body, wear dry clothes or take off. It is better to take off warm clothes like blankets.
  • If it is sunny, soak the patient in the sun and if it is cold or rainy, take shelter in a nearby building, wall or tree and take it to a vacuum.
  • To keep warm, light a fire, light a fireplace, or use an instant shake remedy. If the shake is not convenient, bring artificial heat by rubbing the patient's body or by sleeping in the sod with the patient.
  • Use artificial respiration if you have difficulty breathing.
  • If the patient is unconscious, to bring him to consciousness, to remedy according to the chapter mentioned below.
  • If there is a special need, apply a spice like pepper or ginger in the eye.
  • Smoke turmeric, pepper and chilli too. It will also help to clear the brain's source of knowledge.
  • In short, such a patient needs to be treated to reduce the amount of water in the body, get warmth, get strength.
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