Rohini or laryngeal disease is today known as 'diphtheria'. The disease in the throat is currently fatal, if not treated in five-six days, the patient is likely to die. This disease is especially seen in children. There is a swollen throat and a spider web. The tone settles. Slow fever also remains. The child cannot eat or drink. Sore throat. Can't even cry The cough comes. The disease is considered contagious.

  • Only give boiled water.
  • To add milk, add turmeric and whipping water.
  • Maha Lakshmivilas juice 1-1 tablet in water.
  • Glue Google 1-1 tablet in water.
  • Mandurbhasma (iron corrosion) 20 gms and buffalo urine 2 liters.
  • Take 10 gms of kayaphal, 10 gms of manfal, 3 gms of satodi root, 2 gms of neem bark, 200 ml. Ltd. Boil in water and rinse for two hours. Putting a brush around the neck of a child who cannot rinse. (There is no harm in going into the stomach.)
  • Stone breakage, inflated boron 10-10 gms and honey 8 m. Ltd. Getting, the ankle twisted around his neck.
  • Pineapple fruit juice 10 ml. And 5 ml of pure honey. Giving a teaspoon every two hours gives miraculous results. This medicine is best if started from scratch.
  • Give a teaspoon every three hours.
  • Herbs like Kshaar, Gutika, Chandramrut Ras, Balchaturbhadra Churna, Arvindasav etc. can also be taken in quantity.
  • Incense of Googal, Neem and Turmeric at home.
  • Boil grapes and falsa and rinse.
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