Contaminated foods, polluted air, uncleanliness of the body as well as dirty environment play a major role in diarrhea.

Apart from this, eating ghee, spicy foods, hard or hard foods can worsen the digestive tract and lead to thin diarrhea.

Often due to intestinal weakness and old age, the food is not digested and this is the reason why diarrhea like thin water starts.


The patient suffers from frequent diarrhea like thin water, as well as nausea, frequent nausea or vomiting, headache and fever.

Stomach remains heavy despite frequent thin diarrhea. The patient feels very weak, gas is produced in the stomach, dizziness occurs, excessive sweating occurs and the body becomes dehydrated.


Take equal proportions of jaggery and mango and bowl. Drinking this powder in buttermilk every day after a meal is of immediate benefit.

Peel a squash, grate it and heat it in a pan. Add two or three cloves of extra banana.

Coriander in curd. Add turmeric and salt, then mix with banana, add a little water, the vegetables will be ready in a few minutes.

Eating this prepared vegetable is very beneficial in diarrhea.

Bring a piece of dung and make ashes. Then take three teaspoons of ash and one teaspoon of sweet soda and drink it without drinking water.

If there is blood in the diarrhea, it is very beneficial to eat ten grams of cow's milk and drink buttermilk.

If you have become fat due to heat, you can eat eight to ten shingodas and drink the monastery on top of it in one day.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Doing this experiment for three-four days also stops stomach cramps.


Cereal osmanthus, often boiled rice, lentil water, buttermilk, banana, milk, honey, purple, ginger, pomegranate, coriander, coriander, fennel, cumin are all very beneficial for the patient, so such items should be consumed regularly.

Wheat, urad, barley, chickpeas, heavy, spicy, fried foods as well as all kinds of vegetables, garlic, jaggery, alcohol, cucumber, chickpeas as well as very sour and salty foods should be avoided.

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