Cumin is an incredibly useful spice in the kitchen. There are three types of cumin: (1) white cumin, (2) cumin and (3) calendula. Only white cumin is discussed here. The same cumin is used as a spice. The qualities of the three cumin seeds are almost identical. The fourth cumin is known as ‘Othmi cumin’. It is ‘Isabgol’ and is used as a medicine. It has nothing to do with spices. In addition, a substance known as cumin, has nothing to do with cumin. It is a kind of stone. It is very soft, smooth and smooth. It is used as a powder on carom board.

Analysis of elements
1. Jalatatva - 11.90%
2. Protein - 18.70%
3. Fat - 15.00%
4. Carbohydrate - 36.60%
5. Mineral substances - 5.80%
6. Fiber - 12.00%
7. Calcium - 1.08%
8. Phosphorus - 0.49%
9. iron - 31.00 mg Per 100 grams
10. Vitamin A  - 870 Ah. Per 100 grams in Ra unit
11. Vitamin 'C' - 3 in part Ra. Per 100 grams per unit
13. calories - 356 per 100 grams


It is spicy, light, cold and short. It cures acidity, appetite, arousal, anorexia, dehydration as well as diarrhea and indigestion. It relieves stomach upsets and flatulence, prevents vomiting and bloating, and stimulates appetite. Strength and power are increased, as well as sight. Thus it strengthens and strengthens the organs of the entire digestive system.

(1) Every morning, take one teaspoon of cumin powder with water to maintain good health.
(2) Take a teaspoon of cumin powder every night while sleeping to cure intestinal rot. Settle on dinner as soon as possible. If the stool is loose, it is bound by the intake of cumin, and it also releases the flatulence. At the same time it also removes the harmful germs that are filling the intestines.
(3) On chest inflammation: Take cumin and coriander powder with sugar twice a day.
(4) If breastfeeding is low: Take cumin powder twice a day.
(5) Symmetrical consumption of cumin and sugar powder eliminates blood clots and blood clots.
(6) Mixing a small amount of asafoetida with cumin powder also gives relief from flatulence.
(7) Hemorrhoids are benefited by taking pepper powder with cumin powder in Sindhav whey after meal.
(8) Taking one teaspoon of cumin powder every morning and night is beneficial in fever.
(9) On eye inflammation: Wash eyes twice a day with water obtained from cumin powder.

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