Get half a teaspoon of basil juice, half a teaspoon of honey and give it to a small child three times a day. Doing so will help the child to get rid of the cold and cough immediately.

Getting ginger powder in Bachna powder and applying it on the forehead cures cold and cough.

Rubbing mustard oil on the baby's chest every day and applying a little oil on the anus gives immediate relief from cold and cough.

A little ginger powder mixed with jaggery and ghee cures colds and coughs in small children.

Boil half an inch piece of ginger soaked in one gram of bay leaf in a cup of water. Then get a teaspoon of sugar. Drinking one teaspoon three times a day cures cold and cough in two days.

If the cough is frozen in the chest of a small child, apply a little cow ghee on the chest and massage. Doing so will get the cough out and the toddler will immediately get relief from the cold-cough.

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