Coriander is the primary stage of coriander. We are all well acquainted with coriander. Coriander is the main green spice that comes every day. Its regular use is beneficial for health. The lentils, curry, etc. can be made delicious by adding the necessary spices to the dishes; But after removing the dish from the stove, add chopped coriander. Adding coriander spreads its aroma throughout the kitchen and refreshes the mind.

Analysis of elements:
1. Aqueous 87.90%
2. Protein 3.30%
3. Fat 0.60%
4. Carbohydrate 6.50%
5. Mineral substances 1.70%
6. Fiber 2%
7. Calcium 0.14%
8. Phosphorus 0.06%
9. 10.00 mg of iron. Per 100 grams
10. Insufficient "12600 partial to the '10460. In the Ra unit
Per 100 grams
11. Vitamin 'C' 135 Ah. Ra. Per 100 grams per unit
13. 45 calories per 100 grams

Coriander is astringent, viscous, diuretic, hard, spicy, gastrointestinal, digestive, antiseptic, antipyretic, palatable, anti-diarrheal, trigeminal and digestive and finally sweet. It cures thirst, inflammation, vomiting, shortness of breath, quenches thirst, cures cough, deworms, removes debility, kills bile, cures fresh body heat as well as eye drops.

(1) When the eye comes (turns red), put two drops of its fresh juice in a bowl of coriander. Take coriander clean. Do not take coriander lying with chilli.
(2) When the eyesight is low, apply two drops in the eye every morning and night. The drops will irritate a little, but tolerate it.
(3) Coriander juice is beneficial when the eyes are sore and itchy, as well as in swelling and acne.

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