A jolt is a jolt. Infants, especially young children, are more prone to convulsions, which can lead to death or loss if not treated immediately in Infantine Convulsions.

Convulsions are caused by a high fever, a lot of phlegm in the chest, a lot of flatulence in the abdomen and ascension, a worm infestation or a rash of van-prana etc.

  • If the patient has abdominal cramps, apply warm asafoetida. Even if you fill your stomach with tobacco, aloe vera and asafoetida, there are many benefits.
  • Apply Nagarvel leaves or ajma paste on the chest and shake lightly.
  • Rub castor oil on the soles of the feet and palms.
  • Add castor oil, castor oil, hexagon or Panchgun oil.
  • Add pure boron or Laxminarayan juice in 1/2 gram to 1/2 gram honey.
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