Constipation is the root cause of many stomach ailments. Constipation is when the stool does not come out of the bowel at all during defecation, it comes out less, it comes out with difficulty, it comes out hard or hard, often it comes out later, constipation is a disease.

If we understand this in another way, the ability of the bowel to push feces is weakened. Which causes constipation.


A person avoids defecation for whatever reason, even though it is natural to defecate. The feces are then pushed back inwards and the feces collect in the intestines. There are many other reasons why feces become dry and hard. And the intestines also become weak. This causes the hardened stools to not pass out through the anus and causes constipation.

Apart from this, constipation also occurs due to many reasons like not doing light exercise, laziness, grief, anxiety, fear, disease, old age.

Constipation is also caused by the lack of fiber-rich green vegetables in the diet as well as essential nutrients.


Loss of appetite, headache, untimely bowel movements, heavy stomach, frequent sour belching, bad breath, insomnia, and skin disorders.


Constipation is relieved in three days by dipping two pinches of ajma powder in the monastery and drinking it slowly.

Constipation is relieved by waking up every morning on an empty stomach and eating two apples with teeth.

Constipation is relieved by drinking a teaspoon of honey in a glass of fresh water before going to bed at night.

Drinking two yellow orange juices daily before breakfast in the morning relieves constipation in a week.

Saute the black herd in hot ghee. Then add black salt in it and prepare powder in a bowl. Taking this powder with lukewarm water about one teaspoon before going to bed at night relieves constipation and clears the stomach in the morning.

This experiment does not cause constipation by staying more than once or twice a week.

Eating it with wheat leaves, tomatoes or salads relieves constipation.

Avoid making flour before making bread. Constipation is also eliminated by eating unleavened flour bread in small portions.

Soak 50 gms of triphala powder in 50 gms of water at night. Constipation is relieved by drinking Triphala filtered water before defecation in the morning.

Drink a lemon juice, a gram of salt in a glass of water at night for a few days to get rid of old constipation.

Dip seven or eight figs in water and boil them properly. Drinking this boiled water continuously for three-four days before going to bed at night relieves constipation.

Eating fresh coconut pieces in salads of carrot, radish, beet, turnip, tomato and spinach leaves, rice and beet leaves relieves old constipation.


Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial to consume fibrous substances.

Coconut, groundnut, jaggery, barley, sorghum, millet, porridge etc. are excellent substances for constipation so they should be taken. Water is excellent in liquids so water should also be drunk as needed.

Do light exercises every night and take a short walk after a meal.

Should be eaten when hungry. Don't spend time drinking tea or coffee at that time.

Stale or exposed foods should not be eaten.

Eating light food that is easily digested at night will help you to defecate regularly, on time and easily.

Extremely cold or overly spicy foods should be avoided.

Awakening or anxiety, fear, grief etc. should be avoided.

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