Colic (abdominal pain)

Stomach cramps are caused by flatulence, bloating, bloating, flatulence, appendicitis, severe constipation, indigestion, worms, hasty eating without chewing, eating raw, working after meals and waking up.

  • Let the stomach start to shake.
  • Apply hot paste of Hing, Sanchal, Tobacco, Elio, Ajmo etc.
  • Apply appropriate amount of pie from asafoetida, garlic, ajmo, kankacha, suva, sanchal, bijuru, lemon, mint, herd, donkey pampering etc.
  • Conch or Maha Shankhavati, Chitrakadivati, Kapurhinguvati, Hingashtak, Lavanbhaskar, Sivakshara, Shiva, Ajmodadi etc.
  • In case of obstruction of stool and urine, immediately give a syringe of castor oil, sesame oil or any other essential oil or enema or infusion of Gudvartispositri.
  • The pain of appendicitis is accompanied by vomiting and fever with excruciating pain one to two inches away from the navel on the right side. To give a fire pit or painting in it and to cause violation. Giving Bastin.
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