Cholera can be caused by anorexia nervosa in the scorching heat of summer. Sudden onset of diarrhea and vomiting, such as rice erosion. Feeling very thirsty. Tingling in the head, lumps, and heart. The body begins to fade. Feeling dizzy. Unbearable tingling in the limbs begins. There is a lot of cracking, inflammation and trembling of the body.

Lemons should be used in the diet of every household to prevent the widespread spread of cholera. Digestive substances like ginger, mint, garlic, onion, basil, ginger, ajma should be used more. Milk dishes, ice cubes, farsanas, sweets and expensive foods should be discontinued. Herbs like Harade, Sivakshara, Hingashtak Ginger should be consumed.When other special facilities are not available, start the following possible treatments:

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