Cardiac Pain

Mental impulses such as anxiety, grief, fear, anger, etc .; Heartburn is caused by shortness of breath, blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, acidosis, bloating, gas, severe constipation, etc. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Complete relaxation physically and mentally.
  • If there is constipation, intake of Harde, Sivakshara or Abhayarishta.
  • Arjuna is a very good medicine for heart disease. If there is high blood pressure with heartburn, then Arjuna should be boiled in milk or cooked in ghee and given Arjuna Dhrut, Arjuna Sansar or Arjuna decoction, if there is low blood pressure, then at an interval of 3 minutes. Ltd. Drinking Arjunarisht.
  • Mrigashrungabhasma, Sringabhasma, Godantibhasma, Suvarnabhasma, Jaharmohra or Motibhasma are considered to be very beneficial.
  • Br. Giving 1-1 tablet of conversational juice or analgesic juice.
  • Stir in ginger balls.
  • To give coconut water, grape water, pomegranate juice, milk, amla, bora, pomegranate, mango, kumla radish, sindhav etc. in the diet.
  • Sheep's milk, yogurt, high salt, almonds, vegetable ghee, ice and antibiotics are in it.
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