Cases of burns are very common in our society. Sisters cooking; Children coming into contact with stoves, fireplaces, primus, gas or fireworks; The men are burning because the house is on fire, going to light a fire, etc. Not only this, with the intention of committing suicide, many sisters and men and women who are going to save her also get burnt.

Treatment of burns begins with saving a person from burning or scorching. If a man is burning, pull him out of the open into a confined space and close the doors so that the amount of oxygen which is the main helper in the fire is reduced. If the burning person is running or standing, let him run and start running on the ground. Cover his body with thick heavy pillows and rugs. Pull out all the clothes of the burning person and throw them away. Never pour water on it. Otherwise the burnt skin will come off completely.

The following herbs can be taken without panic if the patient is not in a dying condition, is conscious, the whole body is not burnt, many deep wounds have not occurred.

  • Resin ointment: Apply resin ointment on the scalp. Do not bandage the top till it is done. Applying this ointment, the patient falls asleep in peace. It does not cause blisters and does not produce crops.
  • Aloe vera: Miraculous results are obtained by burning her fetus. This aloe is found everywhere. It can be grown in the kitchen or in the attic.
  • Lime water and sesame oil: Apply sesame oil or coprale in the top lime to make a soft ointment. It is also a very fruitful experiment.
  • Other experiments: Dajiyu oil, ghee, butter, tar, buttermilk, curd, castor oil, coprale, tamarind water, mashed potatoes, clay etc. can also be applied.

Do not eat or drink salty, sour, spicy or heavy food to prevent the patient from getting crop. Do not leave the wound completely open.

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