Blood Diarrhoea

Bloody diarrhea (hemorrhoids), malignant hemorrhoids, hemorrhagic leprosy causes rectal bleeding. Don't get caught up in this right away. Often the patient is relieved by bad blood in the form of diarrhea, but more often carelessly.

  • It is best to drink mocharas in goat's milk or radish buttermilk.
  • Asparagus, jethi honey, jaggery, nutmeg, javantri, indriyav, kadachal, nagkesar, kantalu mayu, alum or raswanti in the required quantity of buttermilk, milk or water.
  • Among the prepared herbs are Shonitargal juice, Chandrakala, Kootaj Dhanvati, Ball Parpati, Kapoor juice, Vriddhagangadhar powder, Jatifaladi powder etc. in required quantity of milk or radish buttermilk.
  • Getting 2 to 3 grams of mocharas in two teaspoons of Ardusi juice shows very fast results in all types.
  • Too much, as a last resort, to change the velocity by vomiting.
  • According to the next 'bleeding' of the diet.
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