This is a disease in which the patient appears exactly during the day. But nothing is visible at night. This is because of the contagious cough, which is spread over three symptoms. During the day, due to the heat of the sun, the cough decreases, so it is visible, but as the sun goes down, the patient does not see anything.

Doing a few home remedies in blindness can bring a lot of benefits and relief to the patient.

Making cumin powder and taking it with one teaspoon of sugar in the morning and evening removes blindness.

Regular consumption of guar gum leaf vegetable for a month is very beneficial to the patient.

Taking proper amount of tomato juice in the morning and evening increases eye-light.

Filling a large tub with water and watching a continuous tug-tug without turning the sin for a while removes blindness.

The patient should be given carrot, tomato, green vegetable soup regularly. Guava is also very beneficial.

Dip 10 gms of bell fruit leaves, 6 gms of calamari and 2 gms of sugar in water and mix well. Then morning-evening intake benefits the patient a lot.

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