Bleeding can cause serious emergencies, just as colic can cause widespread emergencies. In Shul, only suffering occurs, while in addition to suffering in bleeding, the basis of life is also the loss of blood. This blood causes a lot of trouble due to its size, its color and its inability to stop it, sometimes the patient or his attendant becomes unconscious just by looking at it. If the bleeding is profuse, the patient's life is also in danger. Therefore, it is natural for the patient, the patient's relatives and even the person treating them to panic. Every citizen must know the necessary measures to prevent bleeding which is not a very serious condition.

Ayurveda considers blood as the basis of life. Since the heart is our main heart and the place of blood is the heart, it should be considered very urgent and necessary to stop the flow of pure blood without any reason.

Blood metal is hot so it has more to do with warmth in bleeding than beating. Hot season, heat of the sun, bile, heat disease, hot region, hot diet, hot walks etc. are the reasons for its spoilage. On the contrary, cold season, cold weather, cold treatment, cold diet are helpful in its treatment. In case of bleeding, herbs should also be taken for erectile dysfunction.

Home remedies for non-severe bleeding should be given as follows.

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