Alternative Name :-Full Snake Posture, Cobra Pose, Serpent, Samp Asan.

This is a basic yoga posture. It is very easy to do especially if your back is not too stiff and rigid. Regular practice of this asana makes child birth easy, good for digestion and constipation and gives a good blood circulation.

How to start OR How to reach the stretch :-

  • Lie down on the floor with your legs together and your palms down under your shoulders and rest your forehead on the floor.
  • Your elbows should touch your middle portion of the body.
  • Inhale, and raise the head and chest above the navel area, upwards.
  • Tighten the legs from the waist down to the toes.
  • Hold your breath and retain in the same position for a while.

How to end OR How to release the stretch :-

  • Exhale, and simultaneously lower the head towards the floor.
  • Relax your body and rest with your right or left cheek on the floor for about 6 seconds.

How it help or Benfits of Bhujangasana:-

  • This asana brings a rich blood supply to the spinal region and increases flexibility.
  • Energizes and activates the upper areas of the body like head, face, neck, shoulders and chest, and gives the youthful appearance.
  • Good for troubles like constipation, indigestion and it increases appetite.

Precaution of Bhujangasana:-

  • Not for the people who are suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia or hyperthyroid.
  • Do not practice cobra asana while pregnancy.
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