Alternative Name :-Child Posture, Baby Pose, Foetus Pose, Bal Asan, Bala Asana, Garbhasana, Gharbha Asana, Gharabh Asan

When this asana is performed ,the pose achieved resembles that of a human foetus in the womb. So this asana is called Garbhasana. This asana is the another variation of Balasana.

How to start OR How to reach the stretch :-

  • Start with sitting in Padmasana .
  • Take out the hands from in-between the thighs and the calf.
  • Let your hands to be rest under your cheeks.

How to end OR How to release the stretch :-

  • To release, come back in the padmasana and relax.

How it help or Benfits of Balasana-2:-

  • This asana help to cure diseases like colic pain, flatulence, enteritis, chronic fever, constipation, etc.
  • This asana keeps the abdominal organs trim. It cures gas-trouble and increases the digestion-power.
  • The abdominal organs, the breast and the joints of the arms and the legs sufficient exercise through this asana and ailments disappear.
  • This asana helps to preserve the semen and the mind begins to have communion with the soul.

Precaution of Balasana-2:-

  • Not for the people who have diarrhea, pregnancy.
  • Knee injury: Avoid Garbhasana unless you have the supervision of an experienced teacher.
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