Baby milk

Every mother should breastfeed her baby on time. At that time, the baby should be breastfed only after wiping the sweat from his breast first. So that the baby can drink milk well and develop properly.

The baby should be given glucose or honey-derived water when the milk does not come out of the mother's breast initially.

Mothers who do not have enough milk in their breasts should eat more dried copra or poppy seeds. So that the amount of milk in the breasts increases.

If the baby wants to drink the above milk, it should be given the milk of low fat cow or goat.

Heat the milk and water evenly. Then let it cool down when a surge occurs. The amount of water should be reduced as the child gets older.

Breast milk is best for a baby than any diet. Very digestible and powerful. Therefore, the baby should be exclusively breastfed so that it can develop properly.

The only illusion is that breastfeeding does not distort or loosen the shape of the breast.

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