Asthma attack

Older men are more likely to have frequent asthma attacks during the cold season. Often these attacks come at night or early in the morning, making it very difficult to get treatment. Since it is rare for the poor and villagers to get treatment when they come, they should know the home remedies or buy the necessary medicines and save them at home.

Most patients with a respiratory attack are accustomed to taking drugs to suppress the disease. Like intoxicants, they are addicted to drugs, which instead of letting the disease go away, instead of letting the cause go away, deepen the disease and make it worse. There are even some antibiotics that do not work after taking other drugs!

  • In case of shortness of breath, steam should be started immediately. If there is more pain in the chest or shortness of breath, then shake it by massaging Panchgun oil, sandalwood balakshadi oil or fern oil obtained from Sindhav.
  • Getting turmeric, pepper and urad, pouring it on the embers and taking its smoke will give immediate relief.
  • Take two teaspoons of ginger juice alone or get honey.
  • Stir in ginger, ajma or lindy pepper.
  • Kankasav 1-2 teaspoons of water should be given every hour.
  • In Nagarvel or Tulsi letter, give 1-1 tablet of honey every half an hour.
  • Give somakalpachurna in 1 gram of honey or hot water every hour.
  • Bharangyadikavath is the best medicine for breathing. Boil it at home, cool it with honey or add 1 teaspoon every hour.
  • Take 1/12 gram of medicine called 'Sheila Sindur', get 1/2 gram of Svasakuthar in it, get 1/2 gram of Somchurna. If this medicine is given by Kankasavak in Bharangyadi decoction, even a severe asthma attack can be controlled immediately.
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