We know Hing well. It is used regularly in every home. Pure hing is very expensive. It is also difficult to get pure hing. Traders mix it up to sell it cheaply. Hing is mostly used in making papad. Asafoetida should also be taken for granted to make papad good. Lijjat Papad has a lot of precision and care in this matter. This is the reason why it has become very popular in the country and abroad today.

Analysis of elements:

  1. Jalatatva - 16.00%
  2. Protein - 4.00%
  3. Fat - 1.10%
  4. Carbohydrate - 67.80%
  5. Mineral substances - 7.00%
  6. Fiber - 4.10%
  7. Calcium - 0.69%
  8. Phosphorus - 0.05%
  9. Iron - 22.20 mg Per 100 grams
  10. Calories - 297  per 100 grams

Asafoetida is spicy, hot, hearty, biliary, digestive, palatable, pungent as well as talkative, cough, colic, aerobic, aphrodisiac and anthelmintic.

(1) On indigestion and flatulence: Make a pill like asafoetida powder and swallow it twice a day with ghee.
(2) On fever: Drink by mixing asafoetida and ghee.
(3) If dizziness and colic occur during pregnancy: Fry asafoetida in ghee and feed it.
(4) Hing should be taken twice a day with water to clear menstruation and contract the uterus properly.
(5) To stop vomiting: Apply hing on the stomach with water.
(6) On migraine: Boil hing in water and put its drops in the nose.
(7) On toothache: Boil hing in water and rinse it.
(8) If a rabid dog has bitten: Dip the hing in water and rub it on the wound.
(9) On epilepsy: Take ten grams each of Hing, Sindhav and Ki in equal proportions, put 150 grams of Swamutra in it and boil it. After burning of urine, give food every morning and night according to the nature of the patient.
(10) On the hiccups: Put the powder of hing and adad on the deity and take its smoke in the mouth.
(11) Vala Upar: (Drinking dirty water in the village causes thread like threads in the legs) 10 grams of asafoetida powder mixed in 100 grams of curd to drink for three days.
(12) If there is fear in the ear due to cold: Wrap hing in cotton and keep it in the ear.
(13) Consequences on colic: Asafoetida, Sindhav and cumin powder dipped in honey and ghee and licked.
(14) Applying a bowl of asafoetida and neem leaves on the wound kills the worms and the wound heals quickly.

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